Moving area, need new primary school: HOW?!

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hedflx Wed 01-May-19 13:16:03

We are going to soon (sale/purchase of house willing and dependant) be moving from Kent to West Sussex, to move nearer family.
My boys are 8 and 6 (and 2 but he doesn’t count 😉) and thriving at their school here. I realise I can’t take our school with us but am struggling to find out how to move them to a new school in the new area. Anyone recently done it? Could really do with some advice! And some friends in Chi/Bognor when the time comes 😰😶

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PanelChair Wed 01-May-19 13:33:14

Get in touch with the local education authority in the new area to ascertain which (if any) schools have places. If they don’t, you’ll need to join waiting lists. In theory, as vacant places have to be offered to the first person who applies for them, if there are vacant places now you should be offered them, even if you don’t yet have a confirmed address in the area, but the problem then is that the LEA will expect you to take them up quickly - probably within two weeks. Depending on the date of your move, it might therefore be better to apply once you have a confirmed address.

Speak to the LEA to confirm all of this and also what evidence they will require to confirm your address.

viques Wed 01-May-19 13:41:42

Presumably you know your new address so can see which schools are nearest. I am also assuming that you have done some research into the schools near the new house. I don't know if you have had a chance to visit possible schools but obviously that would be a good idea before you make an application.

I think most LA will accept requests for school places once you have notification of exchange and a date for completion. They might require proof of this from your solicitor.

Some schools will deal with their own admissions, others do it through the LA. I would contact schools you have earmarked and find out what they do, you can also ask them what the situation is re available places in relevant years groups/waiting lists. THe LA should also be able to provide this information about all schools in the authority.

Depending on what the school says you either apply through the LA for in year transfers or directly to the school. Bear in mind though that most LA/schools will expect you to take an offered place within a week or ten days, they will not usually let you hang on to it if something goes wrong with your move.

There may not be places for both children in the same school you want bearing in mind that one of your children will come under the 30 pupil infant class size. If this happens you could either accept the places offered in different schools and put both children on the waiting list for the other ones school, or ask the authority if there are other schools that do have places for both . If your younger child is offered a place it might also be worth appealing for a place for your older child. Sadly an appeal the other way round is unlikely to succeed.

Good luck, it could be that you are fortunate and the school you want has spaces for both, but you need to be prepared for some compromise/waiting list angst/two children different schools organisational nightmare.

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