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Sorry if this has been asked a million times before, BUT......

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slimthing Mon 16-Jul-07 13:45:56

I just wondered if anyone can help me with this. The top admission criteria for the church I attend is 'regular attendance for at least 2 years'. By the application deadline I will have been attending for 19 months. The criteria does not say anything about this and im wondering if this will count for anything on my application OR if it will just be considered in the same way as if I did not attend at all. If that be the case, I would have a hope in hell as I dont live in the same borough as the church.

I tried finding out from the school secretary and she was not that friendly. I panicked when she asked for my name and gave a false one cos I didnt want to have a 'mark' against the application. It is a very small church and I dont want to pre-inform them.

Apologies again as I know that questions about Church School applications must come up ALL THE TIME!

thanks in advance for any replies.

shergar Mon 16-Jul-07 15:36:05

I don't think I'd get too worked up - 19 months is pretty close to 2 years and I would bet that you'd get a good enough reference from the vicar. Keep smiling at him/her and generally ingratiating yourself and fingers crossed that the actual length of time will go unremarked. Do the church keep some kind of register? If not then the vicar will quite possibly think that they've seen you for about 2 years. Definitely counts as more than not attending at all anyway. Good luck.

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