Is it worth appealing primary school place

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Popsandpugsmum Wed 17-Apr-19 18:16:53

Just after some thoughts. My daughter got our third choice which we aren’t really happy with. We only put it down to avoid the awful school by us.

I’m thinking about appealing to our first choice on the grounds of the class only have 20 pupils where a two years ago they had 21 (I understand this may have been a extra special case) and the fact she is the only child on the waiting list so she wouldn’t be favoured over any other children on the waiting list.

Thought please x

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viques Wed 17-Apr-19 18:24:22

There are some amazing experts on here who can give you good advice about appeals, but firstly just make sure you accept the place you have been offered, if you turn it down you could find yourself without a place at all come September.

Waiting lists can go up or down, another child could slip in before you because they live closer, or have an older sibling who is offered a place further up the school, so being first on the list at the moment isn't a guarantee of anything, or unfortunately grounds for an appeal. If there are only twenty spaces then there are only twenty spaces and they won't sneak another child in without a very good reason.

admission Wed 17-Apr-19 18:40:07

You will not in my opinion win an appeal saying that because there was 21 in the class two years ago - panel members are told that they are not to assume any precedents are set by what has happened in the past. Waiting lists are also not grounds for appeal.
I am however sure that you can come up with some other more appropriate reasons to use at appeal, with the first being that with a class of 20 you believe that your child will benefit from being in a school with small classes.
The potential problem is that this may be an infant class size case. This says that any infant class can only have a maximum of 30 pupils with one school teacher. Whilst reception only appears to have 20 in the class it may well be that there is a mixed yr1 and yr2 class which does have 30 in it. This is what is called future prejudice.
What you need to do is establish from the school how many classes they are currently running and the numbers in the class. If you say it is for an appeal they should be prepared to divulge that information before the appeal.
With an intake of 20 the school is obviously small and you may well find that you get an offer of a place of the waiting list.

Shiverrrrmetimbers Wed 17-Apr-19 19:02:03

You can appeal if you think they’ve made a factual mistake which they haven’t.

And how do you know you’ve got the only child on the waiting list?

PanelChair Wed 17-Apr-19 19:27:06

As Admission says, the potential problem for you here is that this might be a future prejudice appeal, in which case you will win only if there has been an error depriving your child of a place or the decision was so unreasonable as to be irrational. Get the information from the school, so that you can frame your appeal accordingly, as if it isn't an ICS appeal you have more scope for arguing why your child would benefit from attending this school.

my2bundles Wed 17-Apr-19 20:59:56

There is still plenty of time for parents to request to go on the waiting list.

Hollowvictory Wed 17-Apr-19 22:05:34

People can add themselves to the waiting list. I think you can come up with something better!

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