Primary Schools in Belfast

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sudhakamathm Wed 17-Apr-19 10:46:05


I am moving from UK Norwich to Belfast North Ireland at the end of May.
My kid is 4 this year and will start class 1 .
He was already placed in a good school here in my place , but now suddenly we need to move to Belfast.
I would need some help in knowing some good schools in Belfast.
I am assuming we will be living close to the city center.
We are looking for house close to the Victoria Square ( i think that is a landmark).
I am looking for good schools around this area which i can go on foot , I wont have any vehicle to drop/pick up my kid.
I am reading a lot of inspection reports and reviews ,but i am very unclear about it.
If any one can suggest a good school close to these places which are really good i would be very grateful

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UpTheLaganInABubble Wed 17-Apr-19 12:01:15

Victoria Square is right in the shopping centre of Belfast... there are apartments, but no houses

There are no Primary Schools in the city centre that I'm aware of... the closest one I know of is a catholic school St Malachy's, in the Markets area

Schools here really fall under 3 different types: Catholic, Protestant (but these are usually unofficially well mixed these days), and Integrated (officially mixed)

sudhakamathm Wed 17-Apr-19 13:56:35

Thank You for the quick reply
I am currently looking for an apartment in the center.
The schools i can see which are close by are
1.St Matthew's Primary School & Nursery Class
2.St. Malachy's Primary School
3.St.Mary’s Primary School
4.Nettlefield Primary School
5.St Josephs Primary School
I think these schools i can go by walk and drop and pick him up

any reviews on any of these if you have heard of any of these or know if they are any good?

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Countmeout Wed 17-Apr-19 14:17:53

You have missed the deadlines for applying for a primary 1 place which closed in January. You will have to make a late application. The website for EANI will give you the information how to do so.

Pengweng Wed 17-Apr-19 14:48:46


I went to Nettlefield when i was little. I no longer live in Belfast but it was a great school then and one of my relatives used to work there and has recently retired. As far as i know it's still a lovely little school. The playgrounds have definitely been improved since I attended.

sudhakamathm Thu 18-Apr-19 15:01:05

Thank you for all the information . I will look into them.
Also if any one can recommend a really really good school in any area in Belfast it would be of great help. I am still in process of finalizing a house location , i can base it near the school.
I am looking for state schools not private ones , Catholic/Integrated etc does not matter as long as they give good emphasis on education

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