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I hate those shiny PE shorts - where can I get black cotton ones ?

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MaryAnnSingleton Sat 14-Jul-07 16:35:48

They are vile - I'm sure you get electric shocks from them. M &S used to do plain cotton ones in black,as did Woollies, but no sign of them so far.

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DiagonAllieBongo Sat 14-Jul-07 16:36:19

next do some rugby ones

DiagonAllieBongo Sat 14-Jul-07 16:37:16


nutcracker Sat 14-Jul-07 16:37:40

Have just linked to some on this thread. Don't think they are 100% coton though, but they are certainly not like those awful shiney ones.

Lilymaid Sat 14-Jul-07 16:40:59

JL do polycotton shorts which are lighter than rugby shorts.

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 14-Jul-07 16:41:11

Diagon - have just thanked you for info about the Next shorts on nutcracker's link to another PE kit thread !

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MaryAnnSingleton Sat 14-Jul-07 16:42:10

Lilymaid - they'd be fine except that they're in navy only - thanbks though !

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foxinsocks Sat 14-Jul-07 16:44:56

you can get 100% cotton ones from M&S

they are on their website (and I've seen them)

ptangyangkipperbang Sat 14-Jul-07 16:45:39

M and S. Jersey shorts. In black. 100% cotton. Only start at age 7.

foxinsocks Sat 14-Jul-07 16:47:02

if you page through here - there are some on the bottom of the first page, look through for others

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 14-Jul-07 16:50:02

thanks foxinsocks and ptangyang - they weren't there the last time I looked -about a month ago - hooray !!

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ptangyangkipperbang Sat 14-Jul-07 16:53:11

I tried to order some uniform instore at M and S yesterday and lots of things out of stock. Assistant said the big uniform launch is next week so stocks should increase. Bet they stop the 3 for 2 offer at the same time!

Lilymaid Sat 14-Jul-07 16:54:41

JL also do them in black, royal blue, red and white etc but they are found under "boy's shorts" even though they are unisex!

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 14-Jul-07 16:56:57

I think Sainsbury's had them before come to think of it - they should be doing a school uniform drive pretty soon !

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FluffyMummy123 Sat 14-Jul-07 16:57:37

Message withdrawn

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 14-Jul-07 17:00:14

icod - they're horrible !! He'll be cool in them,temperature wise not all sticky and acrylic !

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foxinsocks Sat 14-Jul-07 17:01:07

the boys wear the shiny ones in general (because they are like football shorts I guess)

most of the girls don't though (dd does for some reason - I'm not sure she's twigged that she's the only one with shinies yet )

FluffyMummy123 Sat 14-Jul-07 17:03:42

Message withdrawn

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 14-Jul-07 17:05:24

don't iron the cotton ones anyway...he's never felt he's the odd one out in cotton ones so far and other boys have them
I also loathe and detest the football style trainers with laces up the side of the shoe - he doesn't have those either

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FluffyMummy123 Sat 14-Jul-07 17:08:21

Message withdrawn

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 14-Jul-07 17:09:33

I'm bored with this now icod

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FluffyMummy123 Sat 14-Jul-07 17:10:14

Message withdrawn

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 14-Jul-07 17:12:24

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islandofsodor Sat 14-Jul-07 18:32:01

We have to have the cotton ones navy for girls black for boys. I We are supposed to use theofficial suppliers but Mothercare also do very simila ones. I got dd some for going to gymbobs in.

loobylooby Sat 14-Jul-07 18:33:48

Adams had them earlier in the year - not sure if they still do, but worth a look.

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