Anyone able to help with an EFYS question

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Littlecaf Tue 16-Apr-19 15:20:06

I’m not sure it’s an exact science - at our nursery they have to see him do it to assess it. So DS has a few emerging assessments, but I know he can do those things e.g spell his name - just they haven’t assessed it yet. I would jump to conclusions until you have spoken to them.

Russell19 Tue 16-Apr-19 14:55:50

At the end of nursery when they are going up to reception you'd expect them to be 40-60emerging roughly. Does he have any suspected needs??

Mummy0ftwo12 Tue 16-Apr-19 07:43:46

Thanks i am going into see them this week, this isn't a surprise but I am trying to figure out just how far behind he is in these areas and nursery are reluctant to say - its school allocation day and i am strongly considering applying to delay Reception for a year, I'm hoping to discuss it with the school as well.

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GreenTulips Tue 16-Apr-19 01:13:57

You can find the EYFS online if your aren’t sure

It maybe that they haven’t noticed or DC is reluctant to do X YZ at school preferring the water table!

As a parent do you agree with what they are saying or not?

BackforGood Tue 16-Apr-19 01:00:32

Yes, in terms of this being a subjective assessment anyway, and it is fairly subjective as to what a '22month old' "ought" to be able to do that a '20m' can't or a '24m' could do more readily.

However, if your child is 44 m and being assessed as emerging in the 22-36m band, then yes, do make an appointment to go in and discuss with staff what areas he is struggling with.

Is this the first time anything has been said to you ?

wowsaidtheowl Mon 15-Apr-19 19:38:09

Emerging - with some adult initiation, support
Developing - beginning to cover development matters statements more independently but still with some adult support
Secure - totally independent

Google ‘Development Matters pdf’ to read more about what they’re looking for.

LynnTheseAreSexPeople Mon 15-Apr-19 18:11:54

I think 'emerging' means he's beginning to develop these skills but hasn't mastered them yet. So perhaps more equivelant to a child at the very lowest age of that bracket.

I would arrange an appointment with the nursery to discuss the results personally. They will be able to advise you on where exactly he's behind and how you can help him progress.


Mummy0ftwo12 Mon 15-Apr-19 15:29:33

My ds has just had an EYFS assessment, in a couple of areas he is 'emerging' in the 22-36 month bracket - there is emerging/developing/confident - does this mean that as he's emerging that he's more like a 22-26ish month old in this area?

For context he is 44 months - I guess he is about 15-18 months behind in these areas.

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