Stanley Park Infants or Barrow Hedges

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debrabrown2007 Mon 15-Apr-19 08:47:58

We are moving into the area, undecided between these two schools. Please could I have your honest opinion on which school you would choose and why or why not .. this is all very stressful, choosing the start to your child's future. Thank you for any advice xx

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Dilemmum Mon 06-Jul-20 22:22:56

@debrabrown2007 - what did you decide in the end? We are in the same boat now. So stressful

debrabrown2007 Thu 09-Jul-20 16:56:51

@Dilemmum They were my top two on my application but she didn't get into any of the 6 schools I allocated.. Stanley Park would be my first choice. But she now goes to a lovely school in Banstead. Good luck x

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