Starting Phase 5 Phonics in Reception

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Ahmawa Tue 09-Apr-19 15:08:40

I am not sure how progression tends to be in Reception but I was informed that the class will start Phase 5 phonics after Easter.

At the moment they have the class reading yellow band ORT L3 books which seem at odd with moving onto Phase 5 phonics?

My DS finds the L3 yellow band books easy -he has read it in the car by the time we get home. Will jumping to Phase 5 phonics be difficult? At home he has been reading level 5/6 books on his own so do the ORT levels correspond to the phonics phases?

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thirdfiddle Tue 09-Apr-19 15:19:28

Don't worry, two different numbering systems, they're not supposed to match up. Seems about right for this stage of reception. Phonics phases is probably referring to "letters and sounds", just so you can look up what sorts of sounds they'll be learning. Book bands depends on scheme exactly what level different sounds are introduced. But if he can read stage 5-6 at home he's probably worked out or been told a lot of the phase 5 correspondences already anyway.

Norestformrz Tue 09-Apr-19 15:51:53

The ORT phonics and Floppy's Phonics books correspond to the Phases in Letters and Sounds other ORT books don't have any correlation.
Phase 5 teaches some of the alternative representations of the sounds.

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