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I can stand this anymore! - I'm a bubbering wreck!!!!

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MaureenMcGonagall Thu 12-Jul-07 20:57:15

DD is leaving primary next Friday and I am a wreck! Its like that saying 'don't mention the war' well don't mention 'end of term!' I'm hoping its PMT, but I fear I may melt under the weight of my own tears throughout next week! I've got a huge year 6 party that me and another mum have organised on Saturday. We went shopping for goodies today and couldn't stop 'filling up'. Speech day is on Thursday and I just know they are going to sing Over the Rainbow (I'm filling up again!) And bloody Nick Knowles on BBC1 isn't helping!

REBELlatrixlestrange Thu 12-Jul-07 21:06:29

Aw, you have my sympathy. My eldest has been at secondary for two years now, but I found the transition very emotional.

I'm just not mature enough to have a child in secondary school (even with a grown-up job).

My son, thankfully, was far more mature that his saft mother.

FeelingOld Thu 12-Jul-07 21:37:47

My dd started secondary school last year and as she was one of the youngest (august birthday) I was really panicing about it all and was also quite tearful. She however did not seem phased in the slightest and dealt with the whole thing very maturely and coped very well whilst I was a nervous wreck.
She has had a brilliant year, made lots of friends and loves her new school.

MaureenMcGonagall Thu 12-Jul-07 21:44:45

I know she'll be fine and I can't wait for her to start in September either, its just 'the end of an era' thing thats killing me!

Posey Thu 12-Jul-07 22:12:52

I was just at a music concert at school and the woman I sat next to, its her dd's last week at primary and she's the youngest of 4 kids. Her mum said yes, an end of an era, I've been coming to events at this school for 13 years. There were a few damp eyes as the choir sang "Over the Rainbow" I can tell you.

Good luck for next week. What memories you'll have though

MaureenMcGonagall Thu 12-Jul-07 22:20:28

That song bothers me! They did Wizard of Oz for their end ofterm production last week and they always sing one of the songs from their production on Speech day, next week! I just know its gonna be Over the Rainbow. <blub!>

christywhisty Thu 12-Jul-07 22:36:41

They always chose "shine jesus shine" for the last church assembly which always leaves me blubbering.
DS is more than ready to move on but I am coming out in all sorts of rashes.

Aefondkiss Thu 12-Jul-07 22:45:29

school is out here in bonny scotland... so I went to get my dd on her last day of school (she is in her first year at primary)... they had a piper, all the kids that were leaving were being piped and cheered, I was overwhelmed, I couldn't look at my mum, the tears were almost springing out of me, and I was just a casual( well almost) bystander...

oh the emotion of it all seemed huge... I really don't remember that sort of drama in my day... yes I did have pmt too.

big sunglasses worked for me when I waved my dd off on her first day... maybe some rescue remedy?

Browny Thu 12-Jul-07 22:53:07

My dd1 is leaving primary school next Friday too, I can't believe that she's old enough to leave her cosy little school and move to the big school (and it is big!). Her class put on a play all about Liverpool's 800th Birthday which is coming up soon and for the first year ever, she asked to have a speaking part, she has grown up so much over the last year and gained so much confidence I am so proud of her . I was wiping the tears away, good job the hall was dark .

REBELlatrixlestrange Thu 12-Jul-07 22:57:31

"One more step along the world I go" is usually used here.

"And it's from the old I travel to the new,
keep me travelling along with you"

MaureenMcGonagall Thu 12-Jul-07 22:59:50

OMG a piper! [sob!]

Tamum Thu 12-Jul-07 23:02:01

We have a piper too. I was like this last year but honestly, it was just such a relief when it was over- I felt like I'd spent 7 years dreading it and then it was all done and dusted.

MaureenMcGonagall Thu 12-Jul-07 23:06:01

I'm really not sure how I'm going to be actually. The anticipation and biuld up is exciting and emotional, but when its actually happening, I think I'll be ok. Watch this space!

newgirl Fri 13-Jul-07 13:06:24

gosh all im can suggest is that you have a large glass of wine and give thanks that your little one has done so well and acheived so much - as have you!

im hormonal and tearful thinking about it and its years away for us!!

Kbear Fri 13-Jul-07 13:15:53

Can this be my Maureen? Oi, I'm the emotional wreck in this family.

MaureenMcGonagall Fri 13-Jul-07 13:23:22

Have you popped into work? I've finished the cake, its not bad if I say so myself! Not on my profile yet, run out of batteries in the camera.

Kbear Fri 13-Jul-07 13:25:07

just wandered in for the day! bit of MNing at lunchtime, it's all good.

OrmIrian Fri 13-Jul-07 13:51:26

Maureen - you've just made me all weepy again! And my DS#1 isn't due to leave until next year. I'm such a soppy cow about ending of eras and things. Doesn't help that DS#1 is starting there in September and we're going to have to say goodbye to nursery next week. I think that primary still seems like a place for LOs - secondary is when they start to be grown up.

One of our favourite teachers is leaving this year to retire. The children are preparing a concert for her. They've adapted the Kinks song for her "Thankyou for the days" and DD sang some to me - tears then too.
<<<<repeats "I must get a grip, I must get a grip>>>>>>

MaureenMcGonagall Fri 13-Jul-07 13:54:22

Have a good cry, go on get it all out! Word of warning though. End of term this year will be worse because you'll see all the crying mums and kids and realise that it will be you next year!

MaureenMcGonagall Fri 13-Jul-07 13:55:39

Just txt a picture of the cake i've made for them to my friend and she's in tears too! I'll find some batteries for the camera and put it on my profile.

prettypurpledaisy Thu 19-Jul-07 17:56:28

I must be very hard I can't wait for ds to leave his primary next year and was really pleased when dd did last year, guess it is because I have had several run ins with school but both children wanted to stay put and point blank refused to move. Hope the party goes well on Saturday!

MaureenMcGonagall Thu 19-Jul-07 18:05:36

The dvd has been finished of the party and everyone has said it made them cry. It was very good. We had our leavers assembly today and actually I was OK. Only a slight sniffle when they sang Somewhere over the Rainbow!
Just seen off dd and mindee to their leavers disco. Mindee (boy) spent 5 minutes getting ready and then 45 minutes drumming his fingers on the table whilst dd got ready! They're like an old married couple! (Only good friends though - no kissing!)

PussinWellies Fri 20-Jul-07 11:04:59

Not just me then?

The bit that set me off yesterday was when DS1 brought home his 'Record of Achievement file' full of his best bits of work and photos from primary, and I realised that on EVERY photo, he's practically joined at the hip to his best mate, who's going to a different secondary school.

Not sure I dare go to the Leavers' Assembly this pm!

christywhisty Fri 20-Jul-07 15:39:06

DS has had a lovely last week. On Wednesday we went to see Little Shop of Horrors in the West End. Yr 6 loved it!
Then Thursday they had a Leaving assemble, which was dancing, fond memories, Ds read his poem about favorite memory which "Was the Day We Had No School"

He also got an award for one of the best projects.
It was lovely when we walked into the hall as they had photos up of all the children and a big screen showing photos of them.

Last night they had a disco, although we had a horrible few minutes when we thought DS had broken his neck, after a boy landed on his neck.

Today we had the final church service. They sang "Shine Jesus Shine" but one of the infant children sang so loudly and full of spirit that we were laughing at that and forgot to get all emotional.

Surprisingly there was hardly any blubbering from the children. They all seem very happy and confident to be moving on.

sandyballs Sat 21-Jul-07 12:10:10

My DDs are only in year 1 but I felt quite emotional yesterday picking them up and seeing all the year 6 children with their signed shirts, hugging and kissing each other.

Then DD told me about the assembly they had had that morning when the year 6's were all on the stage and the rest of the school sang the school song to them. She said all the year 6 girls were crying and a few of the boys, made me blub. It is the end of an era and they do start to grow up and away from you a bit more after that.

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