Late application to primary schools in Colchester

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Thank you for your reply LemonFritzsmile I'm searching for flat/house in the Lexden area and submit my application this week.

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LemonFritz Sat 06-Apr-19 20:16:57

You will go on the waiting lists as per the admissions code and likely allocated another school.

It is possible when you move that you will be allocated any school with space but could become #1 on the waiting list for your closest, most desired school. If you’re very close to a desired school +/- any religious evidence (it is a gamble whether that’s enough to be top of the list) but it’s quite possible you’ll get a place at some point in the first year.

My two attend one of the schools you’ve listed but most primary schools in Colchester are fairly good.

Hi there, I’m new to Colchester, I’m from the continent and used to live in Braintree before my daughter was born, then we moved back home. Now we are going to relocate back to UK in May but to Colchester this time and my daughter is turning 5 in September so we need to apply for a primary school. I’m a bit stressed out since it looks like we have missed the application deadline and I’m not sure what can we expect from the late application, can we get into a nice primary school with good key stage results or will we be put where there is still some available space under national standard? I contacted the school admissions in Essex, they said “ If your application is for a Reception place to start in September 2019 then your application is too late to be considered until after 16th April. This information is published in our Primary Education in Essex booklet available on our website.

After 16th April we will start to process all late applications that are on hold, this doesn’t necessarily mean yours will be completed on that day.

Yes we need an address to place your child on any waiting lists, if you do not have an Essex address your child would be at the bottom of the relevant waiting list.

You should send us your application as soon as you are able”
So how does this work? If we move close to the school we would like to choose , will we get in ? Or can they send her far away from the address if there is no space in the nearby one? I’ve been checking schools and the best ones look like (based on results and some comments) Hamilton, Home Farm, st. Theresa’s and st Thomas More’s. We would love her in a Catholic school if it’s good enough and these look good- from here of course, have not visited them. Do u think it makes sense to apply to these obviously oversubscribed schools and get on their waiting lists? Or shall we rather pick an area where some of them are closer to each other (like home farm and st Theresa’s) and move there and hope for the best? Maybe it makes no sense to be on the waiting lists of 4 popular schools far away from each other since I cannot move near all of them. Sorry if this is too much... but my question is: do U think it’s better to pick the 4 best schools (most likely oversubscribed) even if they are far away from each other or pick a place first nearby some good schools and apply for nearby schools to that area? Thank you for any advice x

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