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Year 3 Spellings

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mahonia7 Thu 12-Jul-07 16:19:14


Is there a list of words that children need to know at the end of year 3 and if so do you know where I can find it?

Many thanks


mummymia Fri 13-Jul-07 08:35:35

Yes. Ask your ch's teacher for a copy. It's in the National Curriculum file that all teachers have a copy of

ratfly Fri 13-Jul-07 19:07:52

There isnt a list of key word in the same way that there is for years R, 1 and 2. Instead there is a key stage 2 list, but that goes all the way til Y6. I will look for a link, otherwise it's in your teachers National Literacy Strategy file - you could ask them for it..

muppetgirl Fri 13-Jul-07 19:10:12

The spelling bank is here

mahonia7 Thu 26-Jul-07 15:01:12


Thanks very much for that.

Best wishes


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