5th new teacher this year!

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Daffad0wndilly Thu 28-Mar-19 10:15:38

We've had a letter come home this week telling us that DS's class will be getting a new teacher after Easter. It's the first time I've ever been truly furious with the school. This will be their 5th teacher since September and that's if you don't count all of the random supplies they had for a couple of days.

Since the previous head teacher left it feels like they've been losing staff in droves. At the end of last year DS's teacher became stand in head so he had an string of different supply teachers for the summer term. We were told this year would be better and started the year with 2 job sharing. They both left after the first half term, on a Wednesday midweek! They then had different supplies until parents complained and one was employed until Christmas. After Christmas a new teacher that parents thought was permanent, shes been fantastic. This week we found out she was another supply and they've found a NQT to start after Easter.

DS is struggling, he hates it. He loved school last year, this year up until Christmas we had daily tears about going in, he told me he hated school and hated going, wouldn't tell me anything they were doing in class. Since the new teacher at Christmas he's a different child, doesn't stop talking about his day and what they'll be doing on the next one. His work has come on fantastically since they've had some stability, I've been through his books and you can see the change.

The current teacher interviewed for the permanent post but didn't get it. She's a great teacher, knows and understands the children and they love her. I can't understand why they've made this decision unless it's because the NQT will be cheaper.

I feel like the school aren't considering the children in this at all and they're being let down again and again. The head (who is leaving at the end of the year anyway) just told me over and over that this is better for the children, but frankly that's bollocks isn't it?

I've made it very clear how I feel about this but ultimately there's nothing I can do is there?

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Pigletin Thu 28-Mar-19 11:29:30

Personally, I'd be looking at another school.

Daffad0wndilly Thu 28-Mar-19 12:50:07

Thanks Pigletin, I've been saying that to DH since this time last year. DH is dead against it, he thinks that would be even more unsettling. I gently mentioned to DS that it was an option when he was struggling before Christmas and he was horrified. I'm completely at a loss right now.

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JeezOhGeeWhizz Thu 28-Mar-19 12:54:07

If you can't change schools then it looks like this can't be helped. I'm amazed schools actually manage to recruit any teachers at all these days. It's such a shit and thankless job for the poor teachers.

BlueChampagne Thu 28-Mar-19 13:04:18

Definitely worth finding out about staff turnover (and places) at other schools. 5 teachers in 2 terms is terrible.

I expect the appointment of the NQT is down to the school's budget.

Daffad0wndilly Thu 28-Mar-19 13:05:47

I do appreciate that Jeez, but they have an experienced teacher in place who has made fantastic progress with the whole class and who interviewed for the roll. Or if this NQT really is the best person for the job then why not have them start in September? It just seems that no thought has been given to how the children feel, nothing has been done to ensure they have stability.

I've spoken to his current teacher and told her how much of a difference she's made to DS and how I can't thank her enough for helping him settle and progress. I think she's been treated incredibly unfairly by a management staff that doesn't seem to care.

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poseybobblehat Thu 28-Mar-19 13:08:15

It will be down to money, nqt's are cheap. It's happening everywhere


Daffad0wndilly Thu 28-Mar-19 13:13:01

Staff turnover is much higher than others in the area. They lost a brilliant head due to personal reasons. He wasn't replaced for over a year. 2 other senior staff members then left as well. Then other years teachers left. They've had an acting head, a head from another school overseeing and then an executive (?) head. They're recruiting for a permanent head for September. They seem to constantly be firefighting.

I had hoped things had settled after Christmas, all the parents thought this teacher was permanent, there was never any mention that she was only supply. We should have moved him at the start of the year but the message from the school was that everything was being handled.

The head assured me that it's not down to money, I think that's a lie.

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Mummyshark2018 Thu 28-Mar-19 13:15:06

If I were you I would write to the governors.

Pigletin Thu 28-Mar-19 13:15:42

Daffad0wndilly how awful for you and your child. That's too much change for anyone in one year. You did say that you will be getting a new Headtecher...hopefully that would bring some hope that once they are in place, things will settle down.

BottleOfJameson Thu 28-Mar-19 15:51:53

How awful like PP I'd be looking for a new school. My DC would really struggle with this, their teachers really know them as individuals - their work is differentiated, they feel safe and happy because they have a good relationship with the person who teaches and looks after them all day.

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