Any recent experience at St. Christina's?

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kak808 Wed 27-Mar-19 01:40:41

My family will be relocating to the St. John's Wood area this summer from the U.S with our DDs who are 3 and 5. It's been very last minute, so we haven't found too many schools with availability so far -- just Abercorn and St. Christina's. I'm very interested in St. Christina's, but can't find any recent reviews. Is anyone there currently? We are not a religious family -- will that be odd? My in-laws are very religious, however, and sometimes take them to church, so they are familiar with it, I just don't want them coming home asking us why we're heathens smile

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diggylamb2oc Thu 28-Mar-19 14:02:11

Please feel free to message me. It’s a lovely school and I would definitely recommend it (especially over Abercorn). My daughter started at Abercorn for 2 years before joining St. Christina’s for 6 years. Abercorn is much more transient. All of the children she started with had left after 2 years.

It is not odd if you are not religious. It is a very warm and happy school.

kak808 Mon 01-Apr-19 03:26:39

Thank you! I'm only just now seeing your reply.

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kak808 Wed 03-Apr-19 13:22:27

Just wanted to bump this up since I don’t think I’ve seen any talk about St. Christina’s since the new headmaster took over. Does anyone have experience with how he is running the school?

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