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Supergran58 Sat 23-Mar-19 21:03:40

My little one is 3 and a half and starting reception in September ( late July birthday). He is in a nursery class attached to a primary school. They are doing the early stages of read write inc and over the past month hes really got the hang of reading CVC words and can sound out and read any phonetically regular word hes been taught the sounds for ie not sh, th etc. I'm delighted but not surprised hes picked it up quickly as he was an early talker and I've always read him stories. The thing is he only wants to read words in isolation and refuses to read early readers even though he could easily decode all the words. They don't send reading books home from school but I bought the songbirds series. I haven't pushed him as shes still so young and has plenty of time to get to grips with it. I'm just curious though, does learning to read follow the same trajectory as learning to speak ie do kids spend time when they first start out reading single words in isolation rather like a one year old would say single words before they progress to short sentences etc. I'm just intrigued really.

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MMmomDD Sat 23-Mar-19 22:22:44

It probably depends on children and the ages, and curiosity and readiness to learn...
It’s great he is getting the CVC words - it’s the cornerstone of reading...
Back when mine were at that stage - we just played a lot of games with reading small words.
One was Metal Mike - it’s probably still online somewhere.
And another one was like a bingo that matched words to pictures....

As the reading progressed - simple books with a few (1-2) words per page came in handy.
Had a few different ones, simpler then Songbirds that as far as I remember were a bit more advanced...

But main point here is to go with the child’s speed and not to force it.
He is doing really well already

Helix1244 Sat 23-Mar-19 23:38:37

It took a while (months of sounding out) before my dc could then read the words without doing that. But because like your dc they were sounding out at 3.5yo they started reading fluently before most of the rest of the year.
School used phonic bug so sentences like
Sid the rat sits.
So very phonics based with only a few 'exception' words.
But yes they gradually get faster with the blending then start to get quicker by being able to blend in their heads or very quickly then eventually sight read the words.

Norestformrz Sun 24-Mar-19 06:50:43

Reading unlike speaking isn't a natural process so comparing how they develop isn't possible. Even in speech development children differ greatly

grumpyyetgorgeous Sun 24-Mar-19 08:21:56

He's probably just a bit young and overwhelmed by a whole line of text. At every stage my ds has been significantly daunted by an increase in number of words and decrease in size of text until he gets used to it. Something that worked for us was that I read the text but got it wrong in a really silly way. Then ds would sound out the wrong work to find out what it was meant to be. It got him used to reading words in the book. Also, I'd leave appropriate level books on his bedside table and he'd have a sneaky look whilst he was on his own and therefore felt less pressure.

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