Anyone with children that attend Beverley Minster Primary?

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Mamma2missEvie Mon 18-Mar-19 19:29:54


We’re looking to move to Beverley in the very near future. The house we’d like to make an offer on is in the catchment for Beverley Minster Primary whose current ofsted report is ‘requires improvement’

My DD1 is currently in year 1.

I just wondered if there were any parents of children who attend the school on here to give their personal opinion of the school?

I’m aware there has been a recent change of headteacher who is implementing changes but I do have concerns from reading the report.

We are very lucky that my daughter currently attends a very small village school which she loves but we need to relocate due to my hubands job.

I’m not someone who requires the school to be outstanding with ofsted but obviously the children’s needs and required learning outcomes need to be met.

There are other primary schools she could attend within a 15 minute drive however I would be worried she wouldn’t be making friends in the local area. Alternative schools include Walkington and Beverley St Nicholas primary (unfortunately the house isn’t in the catchment for Keldmarsh)

We plan to visit the school next week to have a chat with the head and have a look around but it would be nice to get any personal experiences of the school.

I’m just wondering whether we should keep looking for houses in the catchment of ‘better’ primary schools 🤔.

Thanks 😊

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User5000 Mon 18-Mar-19 19:58:36

Extended family moved there a while ago, so I don't know the ins and outs of the school but their child seems to be doing really well there.

Is it definitely Beverley you're moving to? Although it's a lovely place, in my opinion it's not the most child friendly. There's a lack of play areas and the only outdoor area I can think of is the Westwood, which has main roads running through it and is full of cows, and therefore cow pats!

Mamma2missEvie Tue 19-Mar-19 12:37:39

Thank you. Yes Beverley is the place we’d like to be. I’ve made an appointment to see the head teacher next week so hopefully this will help 😊

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