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Why the *&*@% should I have to ASK for my child's scores?

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BigPantsRule Tue 10-Jul-07 12:12:29

After a long and hitherto satisfactory and rewarding relationship with my children's primary school (eldest now 14 and moved on, youngest about to start in September) I was advised by my Yr 4's teacher last week that the head (not the same as when we initially chose the school for our eldest) does not want teachers to tell parents their children's test scores. Our poor child was tested to within an inch of her life just before half term - I think the parents who support them through this are entitled at least to know what marks they get! The reason given was that "parents go away and make comparisons"....makes you wonder who exactly the head regards as the "children" in this relationship. More to the point, the school is always banging on about education being a "partnership" between children, teachers and parents. How is this partnership supposed to function if one side is deliberately withholding information? Incidentally, the teacher who volunteered the information is about to leave, as is one of the other long-standing teachers in the infant section. Our nice, friendly, open, high-achieving primary school, which pushes the three Rs and values attainment, is turning trendy and PC. It had to happen...

Sorry for long rant, just wondered if anyone else has come across this kind of thing.

Reallytired Tue 10-Jul-07 12:25:20

You can formally ask for your child's scores under the data protection act. The school is breaking the law if it does not give the information. You may have to ask in writing.

My son's school is similar and it stinks. Its impossible to know how your child is doing. I am not interested in other kids scores.

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