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flyingcutie Sat 16-Mar-19 18:40:14

Hi everyone, I posted on Mumsnet before regarding with relocation and got a lot of useful suggestions. Thank you very much!

We are mainly considering of moving into Muswell hill. After the first round of research,I have put down my DS who will be year 3 (7+exam ) sept 2020 for highgate,UCS and Norfolk house ,also found a school called Belmont in Mill Hill, and considering putting him for 7+ exam for admission sept. 2020

I also applied for my DD to Channing school , Grimsdell ( preprep mill hill) and Norfolk house for reception 2020 Sept (4+).

I am aware of that the independent schools result usually come out around the beginning of the Feb 2020. If we unfortunate couldn't receive any offers then will consider buy or rent a property in the MH for state school catchment area.

May I have some suggestions on any other independent schools I can put them both down for easier school runs?

My son is very sporty but I found the Norfolk house's sport facilities looked a bit limited to me, if anyone have any more insight ideas?

Also, do you have any reviews about the mill hill ( Belmont and Grimsdell)? Love the grounds and facilities but heard the academic results needed to be improved much more?

Sorry for the long post and thank you for your feedback!

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flyingcutie Sun 17-Mar-19 07:13:56

up up smile

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dietcokemegafan Sun 17-Mar-19 10:07:23

Mill Hill isn't academic at all - the local comps get better results. I think a lot of the brightest kids leave Belmont at the 11+.

Have you thought about Habs? there are buses from Muswell Hill.

flyingcutie Sun 17-Mar-19 12:08:42

Thank you for your reply!

Yes after registered my DD for the 4+ assessment 2020 I kept hearing the concern about the academical side (Belmont mill hill) although the ground and facilities are lovely. I don't I will register my DS for the 7+ assessment anymore 2020.

I would like to put my both kids for the Habs boys and girls( 7+ 4+) but heard the study there seems quite intense and pressurised. I do want to send the kids to a nurturing school but not too stressful. In addition, can any Habs parents explain what does the 'serve and obey' mean for their school value? " obey" seems a little bit disturbing to me. But I might just read into the word too much.

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dietcokemegafan Sun 17-Mar-19 12:54:29

Habs girls is lovely. Everyone laughs at the motto!

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