Should DD attend morning registration before hospital appointment?

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LetItGoToRuin Fri 15-Mar-19 12:21:09

My DD has a hospital appointment mid-morning. Is there any benefit to her attendance score if she attends school for half an hour (basically just to get a tick in the morning register) before I collect her?

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Hollowvictory Fri 15-Mar-19 12:23:47


BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Fri 15-Mar-19 12:32:19

No & it'll probably disrupt the class as (depending of what year she's in) they may have only just got settled.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Fri 15-Mar-19 12:32:39

Depending on

RedSkyLastNight Fri 15-Mar-19 12:33:09

If it's literally for half an hour, then no. If you were taking her out at (say) 11am, I suggest it was worthwhile.

spellingandgrammar Fri 15-Mar-19 12:56:56

If your school offer 100% attendance rewards that your child wants to be eligible for then it is worth going for 10 minutes to get registration tick in morning or picking up for afternoon appointments just after pm registration. Crazy system!

user789653241 Fri 15-Mar-19 13:05:10

If it's just one off, then no.
But we actually often do. We have so many time off school, so even if we have to collect my ds at 10:30, we let him attend.
We often bring ds back to school, even we have already missed the afternoon register, since we think school is important, unless it was just for last 30 minutes.


LetItGoToRuin Fri 15-Mar-19 13:05:11

Thank you, spellingandgrammar. That was exactly what I wanted to know, and why.

I found this school attendance info - details in the attached document

“Schools must take the attendance register at the start of the first session of each school day and once during the second session. On each occasion they must record whether every pupil is:
• Present;
• Attending an approved educational activity;
• Absent; or,
• Unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances.”

and this:

“Pupils must not be marked present if they were not in school during registration. *If a pupil were to leave the school premises after registration they would still be counted as present for statistical purposes.*”

I interpret this to mean that if my DD is present at all registration sessions but is removed for a short time in between (for an authorised reason such as a medical appointment or music exam) she will still get 100% attendance.

I don’t mind making a bit of extra effort if it will improve the school’s, and my DD’s, attendance scores.

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Handay Fri 15-Mar-19 13:10:02

Yes it will have an effect on her attendance figures. Up to you if you think the level of faff for you and your daughter making two journeys instead of one, and the teacher and everyone else in the class having someone pop in and out after half an hour is worth it given that it will have at best a negligible benefit on her educational attainment.

Crockof Fri 15-Mar-19 13:10:49

Yep, we always register if at all possible. Have even registered at 8.50 and taken child to appointment at 9.05. I'm one of those bad parents who still does term time hols so I need as much attendance as possible

TeenTimesTwo Fri 15-Mar-19 15:18:43

School may prefer you to register as it helps their overall attendance stats.
I think our ex primary would prefer that as they keep getting told off by Ofsted re attendance so every little helps.

If it's not too far out of your way, I'd pop her in, leave her bookbag behind, and ask that she comes back out straight after register. You hang around at the school office for 20 mins.

MyDcAreMarvel Fri 15-Mar-19 15:20:45

If you take her in for registration and leave immediately she will get her morning but not afternoon mark.

MummyItsallaboutyou Fri 15-Mar-19 18:13:41

I've done it for blood tests and hospital appointments. Once he registered at 8:50 and I collected him at 9:10. As long as they return to school before afternoon registration, they'll keep all attendance marks.

avocadochocolate Fri 15-Mar-19 18:22:52

The school would definitely prefer it if your DD is there for registration. They are supposed to keep attendance to 95% or above and the only thing that counts towards that is attendance at registration

Guylian2019 Fri 15-Mar-19 19:57:46

The school I work at would like her there for registration but would be understanding if it wasn't possible.

Coconut0il Fri 15-Mar-19 20:02:38

My school would also prefer her there for registration.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Sat 16-Mar-19 07:57:23

We always do

PetuliaBlavatsky Sat 16-Mar-19 08:04:38

My DD has a hospital appointment on Monday, I will pick her up from school at 10am to take her. Wouldn't have occurred to me not to take her in. I probably wouldn't bother if she was literally going to be in and out just for registration though.

autumnboys Sat 16-Mar-19 08:07:13

DS3 has a reasonable number of appointments, so yes, I would always take him in to get marked in before we go. Ds2 is currently going through braces so I try and make his appointments towards the end of the day.

blackteaplease Sat 16-Mar-19 08:09:30

Yes, ours would prefer children to attend regustration and be collected even though its more disruptive

spritesandunicorns Sat 16-Mar-19 08:10:02

The school will definitely prefer her to be marked as present.

ArnoldBee Sat 16-Mar-19 08:11:51

My son lost his 100% attendance award due to one dentists appt and not going to one registration...

mustdrinkwaternotwine Sat 16-Mar-19 08:13:16

We always do registration wherever possible. My DD also has a medical appt on Monday. I will drop her her at 8.30 for 8.40 registration and collect her at 9.15 for 9.30 appt. One of her classmates will also be at the clinic having gone out for breakfast with her mum. The school is happier with my method - as is my boss!

Motherofcreek Sat 16-Mar-19 08:14:05

This disruption will last minutes.

If you can be bothered go to registration

Tealfrog Sat 16-Mar-19 08:15:43

It would never cross my mind to do this - we would be at home enjoying an extra long leisurely breakfast as a treat - we are Scotland though, kids go to their local school so maybe the attendance figures aren't so prominent here.

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