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janie2 Tue 12-Mar-19 16:44:25


I don't really post often but I am needing a bit of perspective on my daughter's recent parent's night.

She is a regular girl, with good listening and attention, she enjoys (on the whole) school, tries her best but like many not always keen to do homework! No identified needs. She is at the younger end of the age range.

At her recent parents night we were told that she would not be secure at level 2 for going into S1 but should be by the end of S1. Am I right to be concerned by this? My understanding is that they should be at level 2 going into S1. So if she was a bit behind well that's fine but to state she should be secure by the END of S1 means she is pretty behind.

Throughout school we have been told she is doing fine. We have always been a bit sceptical but every time we have raised it we have been reassured and told there is nothing to be concerned about. I guess I am wondering if we need to be doing more. She already does some very light extra work using one of the apps and we have requested extra to fill any gaps that she might have. But, I really don't think the school has focussed this extra work and certainly aren't telling us much about what she finds hard.

I am mindful, she might be at her cognitive level but it just doesn't seem to fit.

Anybody with any words of wisdom, ideas on how we can support her?

Thanks for reading through this essay!

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