Would you let your 8-11 take part in this kids game show?

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SensationsGameshow Tue 05-Mar-19 20:39:10

Hi Everyone,

I’m producing a kid’s game show as part of my university course and I am aware that working with children requires more health and safety regulations than it would if the show featured adults.

Therefore I wanted to get some opinions from parents of kids aged 8-11 to see how you would feel if your child would be asked to take part.

The show would involve different rounds completed to get “pocket money” and each challenge centres on a “chore” activity.

One round would include kids putting their hands in sinks while blindfolded and having to guess what they can feel in the water.

Another would include kids eating cakes containing various mystery flavours which they will then have to guess what the flavours are.

Would you have concerns about your children participating in these activities or would you be ok knowing health and safety would be taken very seriously and you would be on set with your child at all times?

Thank you so much for your feedback, your responses will help a lot!

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CloserIAm2Fine Tue 05-Mar-19 21:43:11

My first thought is that MN is lazy way to do market research and can’t be a very strong methodology

My second thought is the issue of allergies with your cake game, especially with it being mystery ingredients

SensationsGameshow Tue 05-Mar-19 22:15:16

Thanks for your feedback, we assumed allergies would be one of the main issues.

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00100001 Tue 05-Mar-19 22:19:15

It t sounds boring to watch. Why would my child want to watch another child guess a cake flavour?

Surely they'd want to watch something a bit more interesting ? Something that they would either want to do themselves at home, or want to go in the show.

QuietlyQuaffing Tue 05-Mar-19 22:21:53

Firstly, what Closer said. (and Closer you have fine taste in music.)

Secondly, watch the kids' version of Fort Boyard.

CloserIAm2Fine Tue 05-Mar-19 23:45:29

Haha thanks quietlyquaffing!

Hollowvictory Wed 06-Mar-19 09:29:20

It sounds a bit dull! I'd let my kids do it but don't think they'd want to? Go on you tube and see some of the stuff kids watch, have a look at the norris nuts as a starting point and watch some of their challenges.


Hollowvictory Wed 06-Mar-19 09:30:22

Oh yes mine love Fort board kids version! Plus there ate a zillion 'kids challenge' things on you tube mine like watching.

Happysummer Sun 10-Mar-19 23:17:39

No. She is 8 and the thought of guessing what's in the sink would be boring and also a bit scary as it's unknown. As for guessing the flavour...she wouldn't know! She's declared recent she won't eat chicken, but eats hunters chicken (called BBQ bacon by us) and eats chicken nuggets (breaded meat). She doesn't know anything about flavour yet and would say what you wanted to hear so she could eat more cake!

Anything that gets them running around or finding things is much more interesting (think fun house from the 90s or swash buckle on cbeebies).

And yes, at 8, she wouldn't go anywhere without me or her dad!! Of course we would need to be on set at all times.

SensationsGameshow Mon 11-Mar-19 00:39:15

Thanks for the feedback, the advice is all really helpful! Those were only two possible rounds and the rest are more exciting, the aim was just to see whether there would be any particular health and safety concerns regarding those two and your feedback has been really useful. Thanks all!

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dietcokemegafan Wed 13-Mar-19 06:13:28

Please don't ask the kids to get a letter from the gp to say it's safe for then to take part. We're not insured to sign those and it wastes our time.

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