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OK, this end of term present malarky. DD is moving school, do I have to do two lots ?

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chocolateteapot Sat 07-Jul-07 08:34:45

DD is leaving her current school next Friday and then will do just over a week at her new school. She has made a card for her current class, I am not very impressed with her teacher who admitted shouting at her for trying to get her to keep her writing against the margain. Will the card do or will I look really tight if I send her with the card and no present)

Then do I need to get her new teacher something and if so what on earth can I get or can I get away with a card.

And what on earth do I send for DS to give to his nursery teachers, there are about 5 and they have been fab. But I am in the middle of planning a move,sorting new school uniform etc, MIL is dying in Spain & my friend's DH has just been diagnosed with cancer and she has very understandably been round here in floods (waiting to hear if the tumour can be removed, if not he's got about a year ), so present buying has been low on my list and they are now leaving next week and I am feeling a little stressed (aaaagggggghhhhhh).

LIZS Sat 07-Jul-07 09:28:47

How about her giving a book token and signed bookplate for the school to buy a book for the library/classroom. That way it is n't personal to the teacher but still an acknowledgement. As for nursery some nice chocolates or bottle of wine? Would n't worry about new teacher yet tbh.

amicissima Sat 07-Jul-07 15:24:30

Or how about a big tin/box of biccies for the nursery staff to share.
Do you mind if the teacher thinks you are tight? Will you ever meet her again? Seriously, do you think she will care? She'll probably be grateful for your appreciation, expressed in the card, rather than keeping account of who gives what gift.

whiskersonkittens Sat 07-Jul-07 23:08:37

My dc's are changing school too. They will be making cakes (with MIL - they have their uses ) which I will put in small boxes which I have made and the dc's will decorate.

I used not to bother at summer term as we usually send wine at Xmas, but last year dd was upset as she was the only one who had not brought anything hence the cakes!

With your new teacher I would ask your dd to draw her a card with some helpful information in about what she likes to do / play / eat etc. That way she gives something when all the others do so does not feel left out, and gives the teacher some helpful information for next year too

chocolateteapot Sun 08-Jul-07 16:59:18

Thank you all. I'm going to do a box of biscuits for DS's nursery, stick with the card for her current teacher who I don't think is actually going to be there on Friday anyway.I'm not massively happy with her so actually I don't care if she thinks I'm tight

For her new school I am going to get a box of chocolates I think as I don't want DD being the only one and I won't have a cooker where we're going to for a bit so can't get DD to make anything.

So that's one thing crossed off my very very very long list !

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