Nervous to find out school for DC

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CalmMe Fri 01-Mar-19 15:13:29

My DC has diagnosed SN. Currently aged 3 but starts school September.

I chose a school because I thought it would be best for them; all one level (some mild mobility issues) and ramp access for the one classroom not, large outdoor area including massive woodlands for Forest School, 2 form entry but the classes spend a lot of time together in the lower years so they''d have a huge pool of friends (DC very socialable despite SN), close to home etc. I was also recommended this school by the professionals dealing with her SN, they kept saying "That schools really good for children, helps them" etc.

There were a few minor downfalls, it's CofE, it's quite far from DCs dads house so I'm still going to be doing drop off and pickups to his etc but they were outweighed by the benefits.

Since then people have told me that it's an awful school and they've removed their SN children due to lack of support and help. They've recommended another local school but we're not catchment for it, and it's even further from DC dads house.

Currently applying for EHCP for DC which names the school.

I am now panicking I've made the wrong choice putting this school top of my application for DC. I'm scared that we'll be given this school and then DC will do badly and it'll be my fault.

DCs dad had no input in the choice of school (his own choice) and I know it'll be lorded over me if I've got it wrong.

Tell me it'll be ok? And I've actually made the right decision?

My second choice was also CofE but has classrooms across several levels and is tiny in comparison (PAN of 20) which I don't think would suit them.

Third choice is two form entry but no outside space, all on one level but getting there would be difficult on foot (I drive but like to walk were I can as it's good for DCs mobility issues).

Only get 3 choices. Low birth year and none of the schools over subscribed anyway.

Help calm me.

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Hersetta427 Fri 01-Mar-19 16:09:36

You do know it's only secondary school offers today - primary is April 16th

Yumyumbananas Fri 01-Mar-19 20:41:44

If your child gets an EHCP then it is the school named on it regardless of your initial 3 choices. You have time to change this and can consider what type of provision will be best. The LA are likely to push for mainstream as this is the cheapest but the parental preference is key here. There should be a SEN advice service for parents and they usually offer excellent support through the EHCP process for free.

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