Channing primary school - admission advice

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Mosurgia Thu 28-Feb-19 18:51:10


My daughter is currently in reception in a State school and I would like to move to Channing school.

I know Channing has an entry point at 4 but wondering if it’s at all possible to enter the primary school after this age. Has any one any experience?

Thank you!

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sleepwhenidie Thu 28-Feb-19 18:56:22

It will be possible, if they have any spaces. Call admissions and ask. If none right now, ask to go on their waiting list and keep checking regularly. I would also consider doing the same at other schools, why would you want Channing so specifically?

Alwayspinkshoes Thu 28-Feb-19 18:59:10

Channing in Highgate? They do have chance vacancies (usually due to someone leaving mid way through the year). You can put your daughter down for these in case a space comes up. She will then be assessed. I believe it can be quite competitive - like 30 kids competing for one spot.

They no longer have an entry point at 7+ but I’m guessing you may have a few leavers at that stage perhaps?

Have a look at the website as it gives more information on these chance vacancies.

dietcokemegafan Thu 28-Feb-19 19:48:47

As above, chance vacancies or the 11+. They usually have 10-15 girls sit for every chance vacancy though so you've most likely missed the boat until the 11+.

Mosurgia Thu 28-Feb-19 21:25:21

@sleepwhenidie Thank you I will do it. I know people who go to Channing and they are happy but I am oen to other good schools. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks again

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Mosurgia Thu 28-Feb-19 21:26:59

@Alwayspinkshoes Yes Channing in Highgate. Thank you I will keep an eye and contact them. Thank you!

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Mosurgia Thu 28-Feb-19 21:28:24

@dietcokemegafan Thank you, I know it’s very competitive but it would be good to have at least an assessment.

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dietcokemegafan Thu 28-Feb-19 21:55:24

re other schools, it obviously depends on where you live - less competitive ones (given that you've missed the 4+) include St. Margaret's in Hampstead (goes to 16) and prep schools like Sarum Hall, Norfolk House in Muswell Hill, Hendon Prep, Goodwyns. you'd then need to do the 11+ unless an occasional place came up earlier. Or you could send her to Hampstead Hill and do the 7+ for NLCS, SHHS, Belmont, Highgate and Habs.

Mosurgia Thu 28-Feb-19 22:29:33

@dietcokemegafan Thank you! I am based in Muswell hill and I will look at these schools too. Thank you so much

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