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Orchard House vs PGP

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Miesch Fri 15-Feb-19 18:56:26

Hi all,

We will be moving to London in April and my son will be joining a reception class in the summer term. Out of the schools we visited that have space for him, we have narrowed it down to Orchard House in Chiswick and Parsons Green Prep in Fulham.

School wise I am leaning more towards Or hard House. The Headmistress was just seemed so on top of it all and the children and staff seemed genuinely happy. Plus all the reviews we have seen have been very positive.

However, we don’t know anything about Chiswick and my DH has a slight preference for living in fulham as his brother lives there so it feels more familiar. So I guess I am writing here in the hope that some of you can share your thoughts/opinions/insights into the schools and whether one place is better to live than the other??

Thank you so much in advance for your help!!

Onceanexpat1 Sat 16-Feb-19 12:13:11

How exciting to be moving back to London! We have lots of friends with children at Orchard House and they seem very happy. I don’t know that much about PGP but I am based Chiswick/Acton way so am biased. Chiswick is a gorgeous place to live. Close the the river, Chiswick House, Gunnersbury Park. Turnham Green/Bedford Park is lovely. But, if you have family in Fulham then maybe best to go where your support network is. Moving back can be so daunting, and it takes a while to settle and make friends. Also London life is so hectic, even though Fulham and Chiswick are so close, unless you live locally to your brother in law, then play dates after school, drinks in the evening at each other’s house etc will be less regular. Does your brother in law have a family? If you get on and you want the cousins to hang out together then I would probably choose Fulham over Chiswick (although I prefer Chiswick as an area.) Good luck with whatever you decide x

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