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Schools in Scotland - South Lanarkshire or closer to Edinburgh

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MrsBlk Fri 15-Feb-19 17:17:37

We are going to be moving to Scotland in a few months and I'd love to hear suggestions and opinions on schools / villages / areas etc.

We are not set on a specific area just yet, although we would like to be in commutable distance to both Edinburgh & Glasgow, and below the M8 commuter belt.

We would prefer a village that has a primary school within and a secondary school in a nearby town.

So far we have seen a couple of houses in the village of Symington, nr Biggar. Could anyone give their first hand opinion of this village and it's surroundings please, especially the primary school as we have 4 young children.

Or of any other villages in this kind of area that has a good school, a nice community environment and possibly a local pub ;)

Many thanks

prettybird Sat 16-Feb-19 12:22:51

Ask in the Scotsnet topic. You might get more of a response there.

Don't know the areas you're talking about - although I'd have thought that somewhere near Biggar is still quite a commute to Glasgow or Edinburgh.

MrsBlk Sun 17-Feb-19 11:32:08

Thank You @prettybird

How do I find the 'Scotsnet' topic please?

Yes, Biggar is still an hour from both Edinburgh & Glasgow, but we happy with this commuting time as the area, village location, community etc is more of a priority smile

prettybird Sun 17-Feb-19 12:40:36 (had to wait until I was back on the laptop to be able to link, as it is difficult to find the web address from the app)

MrsBlk Sun 17-Feb-19 13:04:09

Fantastic, thank you so much x

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