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Nurseries in West Hampstead / South Hampstead Area (NW6)

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KrishT Fri 15-Feb-19 11:54:18

I am currently searching for nurseries for a 9 month old baby in WH or SH area. Do you have any recommendations of nurseries your children have attended / didn't get a place into which you really liked?

Thanks! smile

Zinnia Sat 16-Feb-19 00:29:15

You may have more traffic on this in Pre-school or Local threads, but can highly recommend Acol nursery in Acol Road, which is a lovely community nursery. There are lots of private providers in the area - I've heard good things about Fortune Green for example, if you're at the opposite end of WH from Acol, though it's further from the tube.

The only one I'd actively avoid is Chaston. See Ofsted report for reasons, there have been safeguarding issues there going back years. For the others, you will hear positives and negatives about them all. I don't know much about Active Learning or Asquith these days but they are both at the top of the fee scale locally as far as I'm aware. Are you on the West Hampstead Mums FB group? It's huge and will be stuffed full of people dying to recommend their nursery!

Ultimately you need to see them and judge for yourself of course. Ask about staff turnover, preferably asking how long they've been there, etc, as that's usually a good indication of how well-run a setting is.

Zinnia Sat 16-Feb-19 00:30:19

Sorry just realised you said South Hampstead! Definitely Acol in that case. Good luck with your search!

MumKT Mon 18-Feb-19 11:22:05

Thanks Zinnia, will join the FB page as well.

Very helpful! Will check out the nurseries you mentioned above.

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