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Which books - English (Year 2) provide and integrated approach to learning: comprehension, grammar, spelling

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user789653241 Thu 14-Feb-19 09:39:47

Agree with both PPs. For Sats prep, it may be easier to use separate books for all 3.
But for long term, reading extensively will give the child all the effect. Reading, talking/thinking about books makes you better with comprehension, exposure to text makes you better with grammar and spelling.

3boysandabump Thu 14-Feb-19 06:39:51

I think the sats tests are separated out like that so that's probably why the books are

FlagFish Thu 14-Feb-19 06:21:35

Does it have to be ‘in a structured way’? I’d suggest reading lots of good books for pleasure, and then the spelling / vocabulary / comprehension / grammar come naturally rather than being ‘taught’. For a year 2 child, how about Roald Dahl, Horrid Henry, The Worst Witch etc.

schooling123 Thu 14-Feb-19 06:17:10

DS in Year 2, we have separate books for reading, a different book for grammar, a different book for spelling. Is there a book that offers an integrated approach to English - learning different skills from reading the text, in a structured way. Thank you.

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