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Hampstead Hill School: does a Year 2 intake make sense?

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Tigermom79 Wed 13-Feb-19 14:33:42

Question for those with older children at Hampstead Hill School.

Our younger daughter is scheduled to start at HH in a few months when she turns 2. Her older sister is at a prep school quite far away. We intend to relocate closer to HH later this year, and the older child will appear for 7+ assessments, with a view to move to a senior school in NW London. Given the complexity of the drops, I am now considering if we should consider moving her to HH for Year 2 in September, should they have a place for her.

I am not certain how my older daughter would deal with it, though, given that it would be for a year before she changes school again. I would appreciate your opinions, before requesting HH.

Thank you.

PatienceVirtue Wed 13-Feb-19 16:03:25

My parents moved me for the last year of primary school. It made a bit more sense than your move as I was moved to the last year of the junior school attached to the (terrible) senior school where they wanted me to go and which I did go onto attend.

It was only in retrospect did I realise that it was because my younger brother was beginning prep school in the same city and my parents didn't want school runs in two different directions. It was symptomatic of my parents' attitude to my education and wellbeing in comparison to that of my brother's. It was flipping awful changing schools twice in two years and I missed out on the y6 residential trip at my last school and wasn't allowed on the one in my new school as it wasn't for those who'd arrived in y6.

I'm clearly still a bit bitter!

Tigermom79 Wed 13-Feb-19 21:53:46

Oh dear - I understand how you feel.

It's a bit different for DD1 though. I think she has a better chance of being offered a place at a good school from Year 3 if she does move to HH, than she would at her current prep school (we will, of course, have to work harder at preparing her for 7+ in that case). My concern is that she is mentally prepared moving at 7+, but not this year, and then again.

horsemadmom Thu 14-Feb-19 11:38:50

If Andrea is ok with the move, do it. I have known a couple of DCs who started in yr 2 and caught up in time for the exams. Just be aware that yr 2 exam class change and prep started last summer term. You may get some extra work as homework and hiring a tutor is an absolute no-no.
From HHS, everyone will be moving and and wherever DD goes, she'll have a few HHS friends with her.

dietcokemegafan Thu 14-Feb-19 20:30:25

I'd be surprised if they want her in the Sept of year 2 unless you've done a very good job at 7+ prep already as she will be in their stats but they'll have no time to really prepare her.

Tigermom79 Wed 27-Mar-19 17:44:30

Just updating this thread. Recap: we were considering moving DD1, nearly 6, from current prep school to Hampstead Hill School - she would join Year 2 in September 2019. DD2 who is 1.5 years old, will join HHS in January. Moving DD1 seems wise from an academic / 7+ prep as well as logistics perspective, although I am aware of potential emotional / settling issues in joining a new school for just 1 year.

DD1 has now been assessed by HHS and offered a place, and we need to decide this week if we take it up, since current school needs to be informed.

Changing school would mean a 40 minute tube commute for DD1 (from current 15 minutes by bus), since we would only likely relocate once we know where she is heading after HHS. Welcome your perspective on social / emotional issues.

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