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Kent prep schools - St Ronans/Holmewood House?

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laurenmcaughtry Wed 13-Feb-19 13:31:48

Help! We're just outside Tunbridge Wells and we we are struggling to decide on prep schools for our three year old daughter (and in theory, eventually, our newborn son!)
We LOVED St Ronans and she's been down for the past year - we love the approach and the enthusiasm and the grounds and the outdoorsy approach, and I think we eventually (after a hard struggle) decided we liked it more than Marlborough House, which seemed a bit more caring and gentle which is great but our girl is a little bulldozer and needs to be challenged, not protected! BUT we have heard lots of great things about Holmewood House in Tunbridge Wells and also about the Schools at Somerhill, and now we're starting to question ourselves. Does anyone have any opinions on the best prep school for a bright, sparky little girl in the Kent area? We'd like her to have lots of challenges and extracurricular stimulation but the academics need to be excellent and ideally it would be a strong feeder to a wide range of strong public schools, both single sex and co-ed. SR seems to have a few favourites (Battle, Kings Canterbury, Eastbourne, Lancing) and while it has a great scholarship track record, I'm worried it's a bit of a local focus and might exclude stronger national schools that we'd like to consider (if they look to be the right fit for her). Any thoughts? Please help I'm floundering in indecision right now confused

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