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afewtoomanychoices Sun 10-Feb-19 18:51:24

Hello, I'm going to be applying next year for entry for daughter who will have turned 3 in 2020. she is at a small nursery school but not one that would be prepping for 4 plus. I either could leave her there and do entries to the all-through schools such as SHHS, Channing NLCS etc... OR enter a year earlier to start age 3 in sep 2020 at preps. Does anyone have info particularly on :

St Christophers hampstead
Sarum hall
the Village

Then also i'm open to other suggestions. We are living NW3. I am due to visit SH and Village soon. Interested to hear your thoughts, thank you

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afewtoomanychoices Sun 10-Feb-19 18:52:46

also i'm aware there is no 3+ for St Christophers. so this would be for Sarum hall village and others that enter then..

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dietcokemegafan Sun 10-Feb-19 20:58:50

Highgate is a through school that does 3+ - it's coed though. Another alternative is to move her to Clowns which will help you prepare for 4+

afewtoomanychoices Tue 19-Feb-19 12:21:27

Just bumping if any other opinions?
Yes we possibly may visit highgate

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dietcokemegafan Tue 19-Feb-19 12:22:55

Highgate have just announced that they are moving from 3+ to 4+ so check with them which she will be able to do as it's a gradual transition over the next couple of years.

Habs girls is lovely.

spinabifidamom Tue 19-Feb-19 12:38:02

Check out the website of the school. High gate is a good school. How old is she now?

afewtoomanychoices Sat 23-Feb-19 11:07:39

Oh great thanks so much! She's just turned 2.
I would also like some opinions on the hampstead girls preps I mentioned above? Anyone have any? Thanks so much

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