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Westminster under 7+ waitlist

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wishthiswasmorefun Tue 29-Jan-19 22:11:28

Anyone else in waitlist nice to have some company

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Hopingishard Thu 31-Jan-19 07:14:12

Hello. We're waiting too. Does anyone know whether they go through the waitlist as offers come up or whether it's after the deadline? Guess the school will know the state of play by this afternoon?

wishthiswasmorefun Thu 31-Jan-19 09:29:58

It’s so weird, they seem to give such mixed messages

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wishthiswasmorefun Thu 31-Jan-19 09:31:03

Just spoke to our head, and just preparing for the you have another offer?

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wishthiswasmorefun Thu 31-Jan-19 10:38:46

Apparently it’s not going to wait list, am so depressed

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Hopingishard Thu 31-Jan-19 10:56:08

We have other offers but WUS is our favourite. You? We don't come from a school that has links with WUS. Did your head know anything about the waitlist process?

Hopingishard Thu 31-Jan-19 10:57:40

Ah. That's really disappointing but I'm also not surprised. Good luck with the rest of your offers.

wishthiswasmorefun Thu 31-Jan-19 11:01:16

Ours too, and we do as well, but it seemed the perfect fit for our boy. I don’t know whether to go through this nightmare again, or just go with another school. Our head had no links either, but I do know one mum who got offered from the waitlist so I’m just so confused as to what we did wrong-I have no idea whether they ranked it, or it went to people who phoned-I didn’t want to seem pushy, but now I wonder what was the right thing to do

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Hopingishard Thu 31-Jan-19 11:39:44

It's really hard. How do you know they're not going further down the waitlist? I think they do rank so it depends where our boys were on the list. I imagine phoning or not phoning doesn't impact that much so don't worry about that and I suspect you did nothing wrong!

wishthiswasmorefun Thu 31-Jan-19 12:51:21

Apparently they over offered this year because of increased numbers at SPJ, so maybe after the first decline, the mum who called just got it? I just don’t know...

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wishthiswasmorefun Thu 31-Jan-19 15:19:44

They sent an email...I’d been waiting all afternoon for a call...!

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wishthiswasmorefun Thu 31-Jan-19 15:22:12

Did you hear? Hope it was better news...!

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OptimysticMom Fri 01-Feb-19 12:07:52

wishthiswasmorefun I'm so sorry it's not the news you want to hear, but as mentioned above, they have over offered this year, as the current Yr3 at WUS is not to full capacity. I would try and get feedback (when available to share) from the waitlisted schools: your son has a good chance next year (he's done so well to get this far- congratulations on his achievement!). You have other offers, which is brilliant; he will do fine at that school.
I completely understand your state of mind, been there... WUS is top choice for many (like us), so people will not decline unless due to commute, etc. (Having said that, a current boy commutes from Essex!! And we were initially whining about our commute!) Good luck, I do hope WLs at all schools move. Fingers crossed. All the best. x

wishthiswasmorefun Fri 01-Feb-19 14:31:08

@optimysticmom, thank you for your words of kindness, it was heartbreaking telling him, he kept saying ‘you never know...parents do change their minds...’
I know in my heart we will have to try for the school he fell in love with...but I’m just so confused as to why the trail turned cold so quickly...and now nervous to phone in case my enthusiasm for the school made them think we were stalkers!
I’m so grateful for your insights, a heartfelt thank you xxx

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wishthiswasmorefun Sat 02-Feb-19 12:58:30

Still wondering obsessively about whether pestering school has been the reason he didn’t get picked from waitlist, or whether need to suck it up and accept he was not good enough, and move on-sadly have nothing but another prep school and it will be the insanity of the 11+... this is truly isolating as the mums at the school all seem so happy-and am truly thrilled everyone did well, I’ve known these children since they were two, having to move him to another school and doing 8+, or just accepting 11+ somewhere less difficult to get into, just so dejected by the whole process.
Should really take a leaf out of his book-he’s painting weeping willows!

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OptimysticMom Mon 11-Feb-19 00:01:16

'Pestering the school' is def not the reason! Please I hope you have moved on from last week (I know how you feel, I've been there more than once!). I've decided I'll just not think about WL (& start working on 11+ later in the year... )
the WL they say does move, more at 7+ than any other point higher, so you've got more chance than ussmile it's valid till sept by which time you'll have completely forgotten about this! Enjoy his childhood, it won't last long. All the best!

User5555 Fri 15-Feb-19 17:38:55

Hi to all-I find myself in the same I sit the 8+ or just give myself and DC a break and go for 11+?
There is just no information out there to see if the chances at 8+ are better/worse than 7+...just fewer places, it seems insanity to do it again if the odds are worse!

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