Ilkley primary schools

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scruffwuffs Wed 23-Jan-19 07:31:03

Hi, urgent advice smile We moving to Ilkley/Ben Rydding soon. Aim for daughter to start year 6 and son to start year 4. What are the primary schools like- any recommendations?

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nordstrom Wed 23-Jan-19 07:32:48

I don't know them specifically, but as far as I'm aware I don't think there are any 'bad' ones.

Cyclingforcake Thu 24-Jan-19 12:43:17

They’re all fine. Ben Rhydding had an unexpectedly poor OFSTED a couple of years ago but are making huge strides at turning things around with a new head. All Saints (CofE) and Sacred Heart (catholic) do seem to have the religious aspect quite embedded in the school - they don’t just pay lip service to it. Ashlands has a very good reputation locally. All are OFSTED outstanding but the reports are over 5 years old. I’m told the SENCO at Ben Rhydding is fabulous.

To be honest with those year groups I suspect you’ll have to go where there are places but I wouldn’t worry too much about which one you end up at.

Addingham and Burley-in-Wharfedale schools are also good if you don’t mind a drive.

Iyouve probably realised this but is threw me before we moved there by Ilkley Grammar is a comprehensive not selective (except by house price) secondary.

scruffwuffs Thu 24-Jan-19 19:00:33

That's really good to know. Much appreciated.
Will check out the Ben Rhydding one.
Any tips re: moving to the area?
My sister and her family live there so that helps.

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