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Miamommy Sat 19-Jan-19 22:35:27

Do you give a card to a fellow mother who has had a baby in your dc class? What is the standard thing to do? M

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CoconutQueen Sat 19-Jan-19 22:37:52

Well of course you can give them a card if you want to. What a very strange question. confused

Miamommy Sat 19-Jan-19 22:47:12

It’s my DDs first year, I am asking because I haven’t yet but it suddenly occurred to me if I should or more so if other mothers are and it’s the polite thing to do, or do most people only if they’re really close with the lady.

Gosh sometimes you can’t asking anything on here without people having to be patronising back, just because you’re behind a screen.

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Anonalongadingdong123 Sat 19-Jan-19 22:54:17

It would be a lovely gesture but don't feel bad if you don't. I got 3 or 4 cards from mums from DDs class when I had my baby. I was really surprised and hadn't expected it. They were from mums who I'd chatted to previously.

MadeinBelfast Sat 19-Jan-19 22:55:59

If it's someone you chat to at the school gates and get on with then why not? It's a nice gesture and I'm sure would be appreciated. I sent a card to a mum of a child in my DC's class when she had a baby. I'd been talking to her for months but I realised I didn't know her name so I had to stealthily find it out so I could address the card!

Anonalongadingdong123 Sat 19-Jan-19 22:58:36

Alternatively your DD could send her friend a 'big sister' card if you don't know the mum

Miamommy Sat 19-Jan-19 23:03:37

Thanks for your repliesa I’ll send one, or even better a big sister one if I can find one smile

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memaymamo Sat 19-Jan-19 23:06:26

I would if I knew the Mum but not if I didn't. Even if you don't know her, she could only be pleased and touched to get a card surely. I say go for it!

babysharkah Sat 19-Jan-19 23:30:12

Our class group does a collection

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