Westminster vs Kings for 7+

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Hinaafzal Sat 19-Jan-19 00:46:56

My DS got into Westminster , St. Paul and Kings school for 7+ for those who have children in more than one school or siblings in the same schools can you please advice the pros and cons of having two boys in the same schools vs different schools? Since my elder son goes to kings. We have to choose between Westminster and Kings. Thanks

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Fusioluxe Sat 19-Jan-19 00:52:33

Ooh no advice but well done!

AbstractNoun Sat 19-Jan-19 08:31:23

Having two sons at one school is preferable from the logistics perspective.
And from their perspective, there is the social side of things too.
Send him to KCS. No debate.

singersmom Sun 20-Jan-19 15:20:41

Hi. A topic I can relate to. I let DS 2 go to KCJS even though he was more of a "Westminster" boy. Although there are advantages to having two sons in the same school, I wish I had put DS 2 elsewhere as he would have been happier. Both Great Schools but my impression is that different boys thrive at each one.

Changedun Sun 20-Jan-19 21:49:40

singersmom could you explain more please?

vanisha77 Wed 30-Jan-19 08:46:04

Ladies, we are planning to apply for St. Paul's, Westminster, Kings, we live abroad and don't have access to much resources. And even if there are tutors here, they don't have much experience in the inner city schools. How did you prepare your children for the above school? Would love to hear advice!

chopc Wed 30-Jan-19 10:33:54

Look up http://glowfly-tutors.com/

We also live abroad - applied for Private schools outside London but they did a fabulous job of preparing my children. Tutoring is done online and they are well versed in most schools in and surrounding London


vanisha77 Mon 04-Feb-19 08:29:14

Thank you soo much for the recommendation

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