Should we change schools? Child with SEN.

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JumpOrBePushed Fri 18-Jan-19 00:05:51

DC goes to a private school that runs from nursery through secondary school, and is academically selective at the secondary level. Progression upwards through the school isn’t guaranteed after the Reception class, although the school is currently undersubscribed at the primary level.

DC is in Key Stage 1 and has a SEN that was diagnosed after starting at the school. From talking to parents with older DC in the school, it sounds like the school has a tendency to get rid of children with SEN before they reach secondary school age.

Recently the class teacher has had a chat with us which basically boils down to them saying DC not achieving their potential, they’re behind the other children, and how this might affect DCs self esteem. Questions about how they will support DC are met with shrugs and waffle about seeing how things go.

The selective element of the school doesn’t (in theory) kick in for another few school years, but I suspect that they’re hinting at kicking DC out sooner rather than later.

WWYD? Start looking around at alternative schools now, or wait to see if the school does tell us that they don’t want our DC there anymore? At the minute we’re committed to paying next terms fees even if we were to remove DC tomorrow.

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Schmoobarb Fri 18-Jan-19 00:08:29

I wouldn’t do it tomorrow, and take your time to find the right school, but yes I’d move him.

He needs to be somewhere that’s going to support him properly and not just clean you out of all your money and then tell you to fuck off.

JumpOrBePushed Fri 18-Jan-19 11:25:13

Yes, I agree it would be best to find another school before removing DC from this one.

I meant that whatever we decide to do now, we’re tied into paying fees for the summer term because the school demands a full terms notice from a fees point of view.

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typoqueen Fri 18-Jan-19 21:28:50

I would start looking and researching new schools now for an in year transfer, its a busy time for the LEA as september admissions have started

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