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Probably a daft question re school materials...

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MrsBigD Sat 30-Jun-07 06:54:12

I know I could just ask at school I guess but it's Saturday LOL and both my mum and mil who will be coming to visit want to know whether dd will need her own pens/pencils/ruler etc. in Y1 as they want to order her some named things

I went to school in Germany and tbh I can't really remember back that clearly, however seem to have vague recollection that I had a Schoolbackpack crammed full of school type stuff


MrsBigD Sat 30-Jun-07 07:46:47


Legacy Sat 30-Jun-07 07:51:57

Unlikely I'd say. What type of school is it - state/ private?

DS has only just been asked to get some of his own pens/pencils, and he's going into Year3 of a private school.

ChipButty Sat 30-Jun-07 07:54:39

State schools provide all books, paper, pencils etc but children may use their own writing materials if they wish. I teach Y5 and most girls tend to bring their own stuff. The boys seem happy using school supplies. HTH.

MrsBigD Sat 30-Jun-07 08:14:53

Thanks Legacy & chipbutty
Might still tell the grannies to get her some pencils or the like as she goes through them like nothing

Blandmum Sat 30-Jun-07 08:42:22

Mine go to a private school.

Pens and pencils were provided in reception -year 2 (in fact having your own pencils etc was activly discouraged because they use specific ones that have a good grip).

From year 3 onwards they are expected to have their own pencil case.

From bitter experience buy lots of packs of colouring pencils from Asda....they sell smal ones for 19p. My dd goes through this stuff like water!

MrsBigD Sat 30-Jun-07 09:37:38

thanks mb dd goes to state school so we should be fine then

jennifersofia Sat 30-Jun-07 10:01:51

Sorry to be a bit of a dampner, but as a Y1 teacher, I would be rather dismayed if a child wanted to have a special pencil with their name on it - I would probably ask them to keep it at home because it would cause problems (other children don't have one, they would want to use it, arguments about who uses it, what happens when it gets lost, what about when she needs to switch tables to work in another group etc etc.) Older primary, not a problem, but Y1 too difficult.

MrsBigD Sat 30-Jun-07 10:09:03

thanks JenniferSofia not a dampener at all now I have a reason to tell why dd can't take them to school. Already told grannies if anything named then lunchbox and gymbag

roisin Sat 30-Jun-07 14:18:47

At our school (state) they are actively discouraged from bringing their own gear in to school in KS1 (age 4-7), but encouraged to do so in KS2 (7-11).

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