Advice on recent performance of Cuttelsowe Primary school

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sxxd Fri 11-Jan-19 07:06:30

Hi All,
Need desperate advice on Primary schools in North Oxford. I will be moving into Oxford next moth. Will be working in Cutteslowe area and my DD (gifted child) will be staying with me. DH is abroad. Have been offered a in-year seat at Cuttelsowe. But am worried about their academic performance... it doesnt seem great and the fact that there are not many great reviews about the school on this forum either.
What are my options? P&J seems out of question since we are not Christians... wolvercote seems to be always oversubscribed... Would OHS Junior be a better option if DD doesnt get adjusted . My priority is a good academic school.
PLEASE ADVISE.... Moving in from abroad and this school search is overwhelming!

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BubblesBuddy Fri 11-Jan-19 11:47:34

Well, looking at the data, the school is improving, except with writing. They don’t seem to have many brighter children either. Mostly they are average and Sats results are not great but intake will matter.

I think Oxford has several private schools, so whether there is a broad spectrum of ability in this school is open to debate. It’s a fairly ordinary area of Oxford and certainly not Wolvercote! The school will have its challenges. It’s clearly not an academic school per se. However they have a broad intake so you wouldn’t expect top results. They are average for progress in most areas. I would ask what they are doing to improve writing outcomes at the school.

If OHS Junior is Oxford High School Junior - that’s fee paying. It’s like comparing chalk and cheese! If you can pay, why wouldn’t you?

Pud2 Fri 11-Jan-19 22:30:03

I did a teaching practice there many, many years ago. At that time the school was set within a more deprived area of Oxford and the intake was very diverse. The OFSTED report and the data suggest that this is still the case. It is judged as a good school though so it depends what you are looking for. As the previous poster says you can’t really compare to OHS which would undoubtedly be more academic, but perhaps not as culturally rich.

Mrshoneyneedsanewhat Tue 15-Jan-19 16:50:56

OHS Juniors has had its own problems, so I wouldn’t be convinced that it was any better because it’s fee paying. Also single sex, is this something you want?

Bright children do well wherever, personally I’d be looking for an inclusive school that welcomed newcomers and had a diverse population.

I know people who’ve moved from Cutteslowe in the past few years, and another who didn’t use it despite being in catchment.

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