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BackforGood Sun 13-Jan-19 14:52:05

I hadn't realised until now that you are the same person on 2 threads, asking about different things for your dd. Here.
Might help to put everything together then you would give other posters a clearer picture to be able to offer you help and support.

Lmagic Sun 13-Jan-19 08:39:39

There are several issues going on so I'm expecting it to take quite a while for us to get them all solved for her. There's a referral going in for a psychologist to see her at the preschool setting to give his/her opinion and there is also someone coming from speech therapy that deals with anxiety so I'm hoping we will get some opinions from them both and then we can help to support her. Preschool are doing their best for her and she's come on so much since she first went a year ago but there is still a lot more aspects we need to resolve b4 school if we can xx

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BackforGood Thu 10-Jan-19 23:55:07

I think you (well, it will mostly be the staff at pre-school) need to unpick what it is that is making her anxious.

Is it:
-not knowing what is happening next / later in the session / later in the day?
-separating from you
-hypersensitivity to..... noise?... smells ?.... another sense?
-unpredicatbility of other dc?
-not knowing what to do when she feels uncomfortable?
-something as simple as being scared of / disliking the toilets at pre-school ?
is there a difficulty with going to the toilet at pre-school ?
-is it socialising with her peers?
-etc., etc.

Until you can unpick what she is anxious about, then it is difficult to be able to put things in place to alleviate that anxiety, but once you know what it is, then the solution becomes much more attainable.

Lmagic Thu 10-Jan-19 20:22:45

My LG is due to start school Sept this year. She goes to preschool right now - my worries right now are not academic but her anxiety she feels. Her anxiety causes her to wee. The preschool & I are trying to establish how we sort this out between us. Any ideas?

Obviously don't want her weeing at school when she starts if I can try to crack it now.

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