Has anyone else not decided yet?

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bluechameleon Thu 03-Jan-19 08:30:48

The application deadline is rapidly approaching and we still haven't chosen which primary school to put first on our application. All our local schools had surplus places last year so we are assuming we will get our first choice. DH and I prefer different schools and we can't choose! Options are:
A. School DS currently attends for nursery and preschool. Nice, friendly, we know some of the families. Good facilities - big field, forest school area, specialist music and PE teachers. Mainly middle class catchment. Some concerns about quality of assessment and differentiation. Shorter drive, longer walk.
B. School where we know no one. Got a lovely feeling from it when we looked around. A bit unconventional, very nurturing, not chasing Outstanding. Inspirational head. More cramped but good facilities. Field right next to a congested main road. More mixed catchment. Longer drive, shorter walk.
Both are 2 form entry community non-denominational schools with Ofsted 'Good' ratings.
Any thoughts on which we should choose? Anyone else still deciding?

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Helix1244 Thu 03-Jan-19 10:26:12

I would also consider before after school care and clubs on offer.

A sounds better.
However i would consider how youll feel walking the distance in all weather. As schools are hard to park at. Though you probably know as are at preschool there.

BHStowel Thu 03-Jan-19 13:26:25

I would be concerned about the pollution at school B due to the congested road. I would therefore stick with the known, school A.

NeighboursImSorry Thu 03-Jan-19 16:15:27

I would worry that B's unconventional approach will come in for severe criticism and end up veering in the opposite direction.

A sounds much better.

catndogslife Thu 03-Jan-19 17:18:48

I would stay with the school that you know to be honest.
School B may be very good at doing Open Days and an inspirational Head may not stay long-term but move elsewhere.
How recent are the OFSTED reports. We chose a "Good" school where we liked the Head but within a year it had been down-graded by OFSTED and the Head had to leave.

Charmatt Mon 07-Jan-19 00:28:39

Where I live we had a low birth rate Reception year last year but a very high one for September 2019, so I wouldn't assume you'll get your first choice.

One of the schools in our MAT had 15 enter YR last September, but already has over 40 first choice applications for September 2019 for a 30 PAN

Littlelambpeep Mon 07-Jan-19 00:30:15

Go for A - sounds much better

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