Rokeby - thoughts please.

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PositiveVibesFor2019 Sun 30-Dec-18 14:59:51

Hi everyone, reaching out to see if anyone has any experience of the above school. Specifically, pastoral care and any insights in to how well parents are helped with secondary school choosing. Wanting to move a Year five boy there this academic year, with the view of moving him on to Emanuel, or Kingston Grammar at 13+. Huge thanks in advance.

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Teacakesandcoffee01 Sun 30-Dec-18 15:30:02

It's very hard to get into KGS at 13 - a tiny number of places, much easier to try at 11. Are you sure you can't stay put and use a tutor? If not move him ASAP as the exams for 11 & 13 are 12 months from now.

PositiveVibesFor2019 Sun 30-Dec-18 20:25:17

Thank you Tea - I know you're right about the tiny number of places at KGS, but just don't think DS will be ready in 12 months time to sit such a challenging admissions process. There are even fewer places at Emanuel.

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Guiloak Sun 30-Dec-18 20:26:42

You still have to do the pre tests in jan 2020 for 13+, Curriculum for the 11+ finished by May half term 2019 for my year 5 boy in his prep and then it's practice papers for a term and a half. Moving for the start of year 5 I can understand but later I think a tutor would be a safer bet.
Also a lot of the privates in Surrey moving mainly or solely to 11+ entry, other than the boarding schools.
Those prep schools with year 7 & 8 struggling with numbers in those years so keen to recruit.

Jellycat1 Tue 01-Jan-19 07:24:37

Have you looked at Tower House? Lovely school and maybe more geared towards 13+. Definitely full years in Yrs 7 and 8. I know 3 boys there and they love it.

trinity0097 Tue 01-Jan-19 12:11:07

Why are your considering leaving Rokeby?

PositiveVibesFor2019 Wed 02-Jan-19 13:23:21

Thank you Guiloak - That's really valuable information, and it makes me wonder why Rokeby would be happy to take a child on in term 3, Yr 5. I need to speak to them next week to understand the process fully and how they intend to make it work. The helpful woman I spoke to said it's quite common and they have done it before. Confused now. But hugely appreciate your input.

Thank you Jelly, I hadn't heard of Tower House, it's a little further for us to travel. I will look into it properly this afternoon.

Hi Trinity, we are not thinking of leaving Rokeby, we're thinking of starting this academic year, term 3.

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