Primary schools Redbridge / chigwell urgent help please!!!

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flopseyR72 Wed 26-Dec-18 21:55:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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MarchingFrogs Wed 26-Dec-18 23:25:41

Which local authority do you pay your Council Tax to? You have to make your application via your home LA.

If it is Redbridge, details of local schools and how to apply are here:

If you are actually over the border in Essex (would your postcode still be IG8, though?), the relevant details are on the Essex CC site, where you can also enter your postcode and check which school's priority admissions area you live in.

Whichever LA you are in, you can apply for any school you like - but check the admissions criteria carefully and be realistic about your chances (e.g. don't use up all your options on schools for which your DD only fits the lowest admissions category). Schools have to use (only) their published admissions criteria to allocste places; you are not guaranteed a place at the school whose priority admissions area you live in, but the higher up a school's ranked crieria your DD falls, the greater your chance of a successful application. Her name will be put on the waiting list for any school you rank higher than the one allocated.

Ideally, you should try to have a look round the schools you are interested in; give them a ring as soon as term starts and explain your situation.

Do you have neighbours with children, whom you could ask for advice about local schools?

flopseyR72 Wed 26-Dec-18 23:40:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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PenguinPandas Wed 26-Dec-18 23:44:15

Yes you can still apply to Essex primaries though goes on distance normally so unlikely you would get in to an oversubscribed school which think they pretty much all are.

You can get Ofsted reports for schools and Ofsted do a Parentview survey for schools. If you ask on your local MN board some people may know that area.

PodgeBod Mon 31-Dec-18 15:57:40

Yes, I was able to apply for a Redbridge school even though I fall under Epping Forest. Don't know anything about Roding I'm afraid.

MarchingFrogs Mon 31-Dec-18 17:40:52

Rodings Primary
Foundation (Co-educational)
Published admission number 2019/2020*: 30
Number on roll*: 243
Applications received (all preferences) Sept 2018*: 48
In 2018 the last child was admitted under criterion: 4

4. where the child resides outside the catchment area and has a sibling currently attending the school in any year but Year 6;

There are a further two categories ('Children of staff' and then 'Outside catchment, distance'). So for entry this year, at least, the OP's DD would not have got in.

No idea what the school is actually like, though, sorry.

The Number on Roll suggests that either the PAN was higher in previous years, but was taken down to 30 at some point (lots of 45 PAN schools in Essex, also some very weird sub-30 ones, for that matter), or that the school took a bulge class for one year, plus has had a few successful appeals / multiple births tying for last place in/ Fair Access Protocol admissions).

PenguinPandas Mon 31-Dec-18 17:54:54

I think there are a few Roding primary schools - I would guess it might be the one in Woodford in Redbridge OP visited. That one has a good Ofsted. The above one seems to be in Dunmow, only noticed as applications are so low and all schools in the area around OP are crammed. Often made to extend much above original capacity.


MarchingFrogs Mon 31-Dec-18 18:09:10

People do apply to the oddest places from the oddest places and I assumed Essex(!).

PenguinPandas Mon 31-Dec-18 19:59:02

There's a Roding primary in IG8 so would guess its that one but there are a few Roding primaries around. The Roding secondary is in Essex, that always confuses me as the Roding tube is in Redbridge and its by Loughton tube. I don't know the IG8 primaries.

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