Romsey Abbey Primary School

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MovingMary Wed 28-Nov-18 09:53:43

Looking to move to Romsey but only School with spaces is the Abbey school.

Obvs the last Ofsted report was horrendous! But I realise that might not be the whole picture.

Does anyone know the school and is able to give me any local info / gossip / first hand experience?

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TeenTimesTwo Wed 28-Nov-18 14:11:34

My gossip is a bit out of date, but indeed Romsey Abbey Primary has been quite up and down, I don't know what it is like at the moment. Strong music provision traditionally. It has strong links with the Abbey which you might not like.

Romsey Primary (different school, very confusing) has just had an Ofsted this term and has been reconfirmed as Good. The HT is ace imo. Cupernham and Halterworth both also very strong.

What year group? If you can find good reasons for one of the others then maybe if y3-> you might win an appeal? Or waitlist and move again if you don't get on with RAPS.

Both secondary schools also very good, different 'feels' but both good results.

Romsey's a lovely place to live.

Grumpbum123 Wed 28-Nov-18 14:14:47

It has strong Christian ethos, HT is supposed to be strong but has a few week teachers or so I’ve been told. Friend tried to get her kids in but was out of area. I would say visit and then decide as I also believe you never know about the fit of a school to your child until they start

TeenTimesTwo Wed 28-Nov-18 14:20:53

If you decide you're not keen on Romsey Abbey, I'd also consider Ampfield and Wellow and Braishfield primaries if you have a car.

Ampfield and Wellow are federated with Halterworth Primary.

No idea what any of them are like though!

Grumpbum123 Wed 28-Nov-18 14:22:37

Ampfield is a tiny school, not in the federation with Halterworth but Awbridge and Wellow are I have friends with children in both and they’ve been very happy

TeenTimesTwo Wed 28-Nov-18 14:26:14

Sorry, yes, Awbridge not Ampfield.

(tbh They all end up at Romsey or Mountbatten anyway, so it's not like they are having to prep for 11+ or anything.)

(pps Not entirely true as some parents do send kids to the Salisbury Grammar schools, though I've never quite worked out why they bother.)

MovingMary Wed 28-Nov-18 14:41:34

Ok so apparently Romsey Abbey, Romsey Primary, Halterworth and Awbridge are all full 😕

I haven’t called Lockerley or Braishfield.

I really don’t want to send the little one to infant school to then move again for junior.

This is all v stressful!! We’re moving for work but if the kids are going to end up in some random tiny school miles away then I don’t know if it’s worth it.

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MovingMary Wed 28-Nov-18 14:50:44

Lockerley and Braishfield also full 😱🤦🏻‍♀️

It’s the year 2 that’s the issue. Might have to homeschool at this rate and see if can get places for September

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TeenTimesTwo Wed 28-Nov-18 14:51:14

Cupernham Infant & Junior?

They are co-located and as close to one school as I think you can get without being one school.

DD2 has lots of friends who went there and they are all v. nice.

TeenTimesTwo Wed 28-Nov-18 14:54:07

The bottom line is that good schools (anywhere) are likely to be full but
a) there is churn so spaces come up
b) from y3 there is some flexibility. Halterworth and Romsey primary both put class sizes up to 32 for Juniors so that is 4 extra places at Halterworth and 2 (will be 4 when the 2 form entry ripples through) at Romsey Primary.

If there are spaces at Cupernham Infants I'd take it like a shot over Romsey Abbey.

TeenTimesTwo Wed 28-Nov-18 14:56:15

15 minutes walk between Cupernham and Romsey Primary, so doable if you have to split schools.

Grumpbum123 Wed 28-Nov-18 16:33:18

Have you tried Wellow? North Baddesley?

MovingMary Wed 28-Nov-18 18:35:11

Thanks everyone. I’ve been calling schools and I think you can tell a lot by the reception you get on the phone. RAPS, Romsey Primary and Awbridge schools all had very very helpful ladies answer the phone.

I’ll call Cupernham tomorrow.

Don’t really want to head down to North Baddlesley or Wallow if I can help it.

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MovingMary Wed 28-Nov-18 18:35:22


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TeenTimesTwo Wed 28-Nov-18 18:47:52

Good luck.

When are you moving? You know they only keep places open for a few weeks (4 or 6 school weeks or something), don't you?

Come to our lantern parade on Fri 7th Dec. smile

catshavestaff Wed 28-Nov-18 19:07:48

Is Kings Somborne or West Tytherley too far out?

Talkinpeece Wed 28-Nov-18 19:12:07

I know kids who have thrived at Romsey Abbey and kids who hated it
same as any school really
but TBH everywhere in and around Romsey is pretty sound
and the Abbey school could be due for a seven year good patch for all we know grin

Either way, welcome to the area. See you in Waitrose wink

TeenTimesTwo Wed 28-Nov-18 19:15:19

It is a year and a half since the Ofsted, so the school could have massively improved since then, so definitely worth a look.

MovingMary Wed 28-Nov-18 20:36:45

See you in Waitrose grin

I ❤️ Romsey

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Grumpbum123 Thu 29-Nov-18 07:27:32

Just watch out for the drivers in Waitrose car park! Often going the wrong way round and doing their own thing! My Children know it as the most dangerous place in Romsey!!

starlight45 Thu 29-Nov-18 07:33:15

Romsey Primary School is better. Ds2 made huge progress there and they are really caring and happy to talk to parents.

starlight45 Thu 29-Nov-18 07:35:16

I would not recommend Cupernham Junior. Culture of bullying.

MovingMary Thu 29-Nov-18 10:29:54

@starlight45 Romsey Primary would definitely be my first choice but they are full. Unless I wait until September, which I’m not sure I can do.

Have you got first had experience of Cupernham?

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TeenTimesTwo Thu 29-Nov-18 10:56:05

Find a school with a space. Apply to your preferred schools and wait (or appeal). If and when a space comes up you can decide to stay with current school if you like it, or move.
imo Being in any school unless it is absolutely dire (and I don't think any of them are), is better than home-schooling as your DD keeps up the routine, gets to make friends etc.

I've personally not heard anything about bullying at Cupernham but mine were at RPS through the satisfactory times and then the good, so I don't have first hand experience.

How nice to hear RPS being people's first choice. smile

starlight45 Thu 29-Nov-18 16:45:48

Yes. The bullying culture is completely endemic. I can't write anything about it publicly but we wrote a formal complaint to governors. We had to remove ds2 to Romsey Primary. They were really surprised at what a good kid he is as I think we didn't come with a glowing reference. We should do! My friend who is a headteacher couldn't believe what happened to us at Cupernham.
Most people you ask don't get to see this side of the school.
But Romsey Primary is fantastic. The headteacher runs the daily mile with the dcs, and does an after school club and knows all the dcs names. He has fostered a hard working and caring culture at the school. The teachers are lovely, nothing is too much trouble for them. Ds2 was below national requirements in one subject and after two terms was above requirements.
I think you should go on their waiting list.

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