4 year old gets so upset over school work

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Flybygirly Fri 23-Nov-18 22:08:01

My four year old is such a confident social girl but when it comes to school whilst she loves going it's like the school work frightens her.

We've just had parents evening and they've got no concerns at all so we know she's doing ok but since she's started school in the evenings we get a lot of tears and tummy aches and headaches and leg aches but she always says she loves school.

This evening she was pretty wound up saying she had a headache and really hysterical crying I managed to get out of her that she hates the learning at school and she can't do it she can't do her writing she can't write small and can't do sentences. I said that's fine and she's only just started doing it and it takes a long time to learn it and even we had to learn to! But she was just so upset and anxious about it but school say she's doing really well.

I'm at a loss it's like I can't say anything to make her see she's doing really well. Any advice?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 24-Nov-18 07:44:56

Oh your poor DD. I have no advice at all sorry but just wanted to suggest that you ask MNHQ to move your thread to Primary Education. There are some teachers who hang around in there who might be able to help smile

LetItGoToRuin Tue 27-Nov-18 13:25:40

There certainly shouldn't be pressure to write sentences with small letters in the first term of reception!

I would suggest having a little word with the teacher, to let him/her know how your DD is feeling. It might be that she appears to be taking it in her stride at school, and is carrying all her worries home. Her teacher can soften his/her approach and help your DD to feel more comfortable with it all.

HomeMadeMadness Tue 27-Nov-18 13:35:58

I would definitely arrange a meeting with her teacher. Your DD definitely shouldn't be so stressed at only 4 years old. It might well be she masks her anxiety at school and appears confident so the teacher is pushing her to tackle more.

user789653241 Tue 27-Nov-18 13:46:06

I don't get why your dd's school makes her so stressed up at this early stage.

There are so much difference in what some children can do and others can't in reception.

Children doing great at reception are not always the ones doing great at the end of yr2/beginning of yr3.

At this stage, everything is about learning to love school work, school life, everything that's to do with school.

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