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Mdbk Mon 19-Nov-18 23:45:36

DS has been offered a place. Looking for some information on the non academic part - what extra curriculars do the school do other than after school clubs ? Is being bused to the playground a minus ? Are all happy ?

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stickystick Sat 08-Dec-18 02:40:22

They get bussed to Battersea Park which isn’t far. Probably more space to runabout there than most inner city schools have. They also do two games (football, cricket, x-country etc) sessions in Battersea Park or Hyde Park every week, plus an indoor session of PE. Older boys do swimming and have galas.

It is true school is v focused on Maths, English and phonics...and in years 2&3 on exam prep. But they do other stuff after lunch - all do fun & very boy-friendly science in the science lab, plus “topic” (history), a bit of French, music, art and I think a weekly session of RE too. Drama is not a school thing at all but music and art are good: there are choirs and lots of boys do individual music lessons.

The after school clubs are one of the best bits about the school IMO - there’s a huge variety to choose from, they start promptly at the beginning of term and they run even if only a handful of boys sign up. Whereas lots of other schools advertise all kinds of interesting clubs which never actually happen...

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