Nice dictionary for able Y2 child

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ReverseTheFerret Mon 19-Nov-18 07:59:21

God help me - the last thing DD1 needs is more bloody words but she is adamant that for Christmas she wants a "dinictinary" and a "theo....what's that other book with the words in". Apparently the school dictionaries "aren't very good and don't have all the letters in them" which I sincerely doubt (can't see the school having got a bargain deal because the letters G and H are missing or something daft) but she's adamant that she wants a dictionary for Christmas - the rest of Christmas List Volume 1 (I'm assured there's another volume to come shock ) currently just is the word "unicorn" written repeatedly so I really should get her the thing she's requested.

Have found a nice thesaurus for her - any recommendations for a nice dictionary - like I say - very able year 2 age child.

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applesauce1 Mon 19-Nov-18 08:03:32

In my year 2 classroom, I teach my class to use normal adult dictionaries. The children's ones never include the words they're looking for.

Grumpbum123 Mon 19-Nov-18 08:05:11

We bought a normal dictionary plus the roald Dahl one and a normal theosaurus

ArfArfBarf Mon 19-Nov-18 08:07:33

I also recommend an adult dictionary. We have a very nice looking children’s one for y2 dd but it’s frustrating when it doesn’t have the word she’s looking for.

SunnySomer Mon 19-Nov-18 08:09:24

I wasted money on the oxford school dictionary only to find that its vocabulary was really limited - so when DS was looking up new words from Swallows & Amazons for example they simply weren’t there. Another time I’d go for a normal adult dictionary.

wwwmummy Mon 19-Nov-18 08:56:21

We use Oxford student dictionary, it's quite handy

Seeline Mon 19-Nov-18 09:05:47

We were recommended the Heinmann English Dictionary when my DCs started secondary.

It would be perfectly fine for an able Y2 student.

I like it as it has little hints and tips throughout such as not confusing similar words, where a word originates from etc.


Lara53 Mon 19-Nov-18 09:22:15

Not a traditional dictionary, but I have just bought Mrs Wordsmith's Wordsauce which has amazing words and illustrations

FullOfJellyBeans Mon 19-Nov-18 10:15:26

I definitely second not getting a dictionary aimed at children. My Y2 child has one (they have homework of looking up 2-5 words in a dictionary) and it only has around 50% of the words asked.

user789653241 Mon 19-Nov-18 12:24:16

We had a lot dictionary at home since I am a foreign parent, but what worked best for my KS1 child was electronic dictionary with Thesaurus.
It's easy for them to look up, light, small, have Thesaurus as well, so he can look up them easily too. And play word building games when they are bored.

user789653241 Mon 19-Nov-18 12:25:29

I don't agree with dictionary aimed at children if they are able. They are useless.

BottleOfJameson Mon 19-Nov-18 13:01:39

A children's dictionary is fine if she just wants to flick through and look words up randomly. If she's actually going to use it as a dictionary and look up specific words it's no good.

Muddlingalongalone Mon 19-Nov-18 22:49:57

I got a leather bound monogrammed mini OED dictionary when I was 8 (We were skint so it must have been from studio or somewhere) - I'm 39 and still have it.
Great present - didn't get a thesaurus til I was at secondary school and we got to go to local independent book shop to choose our end of year prize giving prizes.
Get full versions - an investment!

Owletterocks Wed 21-Nov-18 20:31:29

Which thesaurus did you find op? I am looking for one for my 6 year old. His teacher recommended that we get one

ReverseTheFerret Wed 21-Nov-18 21:12:29

Picked up an Usborne one for the thesaurus which will be nice enough for the pair of them to flick through for words - possibly not high-octane educational content though.

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Owletterocks Wed 21-Nov-18 21:58:09

Thanks, he is only 6 so would probably be fine. It’s just to give him ideas for new words to use in his writing. Knowing him he will read it front to back though grin

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