'Maths is boring we can do it all'

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user789653241 Fri 16-Nov-18 19:56:48

If she has mastered normal(mastery), there is mastery with greater depth for each year group. If she is above that level as well, you really need to speak to the teacher and come up with a plan. Or stretch her at home.


RicStar Fri 16-Nov-18 13:59:54

Thanks. Dd school is very anti different work (mastery = teaching others) but dd would definitely benefit from problem solving type questions which mix maths and literacy - so will try and find out how /if they cover this sort of problem.

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FullOfJellyBeans Fri 16-Nov-18 13:50:20

The school should be offering some differentiation. My eldest is very good at maths and his school give him a combination of work from a few years ahead and also more challenging reasoning and logic problems which give him more of a push. In maths they do also need to develop fluency so there is some value in just doing quite a few questions on the same topic but there should be stretch in there too.

RicStar Fri 16-Nov-18 13:39:35

Dd6 (in year 2) said this - they have been doing place value (endlessly) this year. Dd really likes numbers / asks for sums / maths questions on the way to school. I feel I am running out of ideas of what to do with her and what can I ask for from her school - they don't set so she will just be accessing the normal year 2 curriculum - which I am fine with but I don't want dd to be bored / turned off maths.

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