Name Labels for School Bag

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anniema2 Wed 14-Nov-18 03:21:57

DD has once again, for the second time this term, managed to lose her school rucksack. I am now thinking of ways to ensure this never happens again as she has lost not only clothes but also much important work. Speaking to some other parents I have found three good suggestions: Embroidery of name onto the outside of school bag (front), Giant 1 inch name tape (ID Tag) sewn onto the outside of school bag (front), or a large Bag Tag to be attached to outside of bag.

Have any of you ever used any of these methods, or do you have any of your own good ways to label school rucksacks? Thank you.

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MinPinPuzzz Wed 14-Nov-18 06:45:35

I personally would avoid large letters which strangers could read for child protection purposes. It’s too easy for a stranger to pull up and sound like a familiar adult, “Oh Laura, I’m a friend of your Mum’s and she asked me to pick you up”.

Maybe the ID tag or name tag would be best.

RedSkyLastNight Wed 14-Nov-18 07:45:14

If your child is genuinely losing her rucksack, I'm not sure how labelling it very clearly will prevent this?

If someone is taking it, then they will continue to do so.

I would have thought you would be better off selecting a rucksack of a very unusual design/bright colour that sticks out like a sore thumb?

ReverseTheFerret Wed 14-Nov-18 10:17:28

I usually just use a sew in name tape attached to the handle loop bit at the top of the rucksack sewn on. Mainly so I can distinguish between which kids' rucksack it is chucked on the floor in the hall without having to remember who's got a bag with the pink pompom keyring on and which one's got the unicorn keyring on it and whatever else.

It's not going to realistically stop her losing it though - it's making it get back to her that you're trying to achieve.

FredFlinstoneMadeOfBones Wed 14-Nov-18 10:55:04

I agree with ReverseTheFerret's suggestion but I think it's odd that she manages to lose an entire ruck sack? Surely if it was left at school it would end up in lost property eventually even if it was unnamed? Do you know where and when it's getting lost?

anniema2 Wed 14-Nov-18 21:20:14

Decided today to sew a giant 1 inch high name tape (ID Tag) onto the outside of his rucksack in the centre so immediately visible if someone else has taken and when many identical ones in a pile! Praying this all goes well, wonder how DD will take to it...

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anniema2 Sat 17-Nov-18 00:40:37


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User9870 Sat 17-Nov-18 12:56:48

Rucksack...I use marker pen. Initials on the outside so we could see if anyone had decided to pinch it. between the straps I put his full name so it's easy to get back to its owner yet cannot be read while he is carrying it.

chickywoo Sat 17-Nov-18 13:01:38

How has she managed to lose her bag - twice? This is very strange in itself?! Is she being bullied ? Has someone taken it from her?
I don’t think any method of applying her name to it will make the slightest difference to her losing it again! Surely the books etc or something inside the one she’s already lost must have her name on?

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