Gatehouse School

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EastLondonParent Tue 13-Nov-18 15:09:30

Does anyone have any views on Gatehouse School E2? We're considering it for our child, but I know there have been several changes of head recently... All the threads I can find are quite old though.

I'm also worried that it is a bit too traditional. I like the subject specific teaching and the smaller class sizes, but am concerned that there will be a bit too much focus on academics and passing entrance exams rather than a more holistic learning approach.

If anyone has children at the school/used to have children at the school/considered it and rejected it, I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts!

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EastLondonParent Sat 17-Nov-18 23:11:52

Hopeful bump in case there are any east London parents considering private primary school with any thoughts or any parents of children currently at Gatehouse School.

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