Unhappy child in Y2

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maskingtherealme Mon 12-Nov-18 20:20:23

My DS is six and in Y2. A bit of background - he’s an able child, happy (or was), polite, kind, sociable, wide circle of friends and always fantastic parents evening reports.
Since going into Y2 he has complained about a child whom he sits next to. He doesn’t complain every day but when he does I try to empower him with solutions to deal with the difficulties he has with this child.
Over the past couple of weeks, DS’s behaviour and attitude have declined rapidly. He comes out of school in a mood, doesn’t want to go to school, is rude and obnoxious etc.
We have got to the bottom of it and it’s the same child whom he sits next to that is causing him to be grumpy. I was informed by DS that he sits next to her all day, every day. Being 9 and a half weeks into the new school year, he’s had enough. There is no bullying or teasing going on. I think it is merely ‘just’ disagreements, arguing, not seeing eye to eye, inability to cooperate with each other when doing paired work - the other child seems very wilful, persistent and assertive whereas my DS is quite sensitive and although he can try to argue his point, he gives up and either becomes teary or miserable.
I want to speak to his class teacher obviously about this and whereas I want him or her to be moved, I know I cannot go into school demanding this or even asking of it! But it is clear that my DS has got to the end of his tether with this other girl and I don’t think it’s fair on him to have to put up with it anymore when it’s making him so unhappy to the point of sobbing about it. I wouldn’t mind so much and neither would he if it was just one lesson a day. But considering the class teacher did tell me that ‘the person he sits next to is distracting him from doing his work’, it’s a bit much to expect him to compete work whilst also trying not to allow her to be distracting and basically annoy him to the point of losing the plot.

So, has anyone any ideas about how to best approach this with his class teacher?

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ReverseTheFerret Mon 12-Nov-18 21:04:19

How to approach it? Go and tell them what you've just said on here basically.

user789653241 Tue 13-Nov-18 21:10:07

Agree with Reverse. He is suffering and unhappy. That's not how his school life should be.

Russell19 Wed 14-Nov-18 01:21:07

If I was you, first I'd tell your child to ask the teacher to move places because he can't concentrate. This is something easily sorted as long as your dc isn't expecting to sit by a friend or someone of his choosing as this isn't always a good option either.

FredFlinstoneMadeOfBones Wed 14-Nov-18 09:35:13

I think you should relate what you've said to the class teacher. On the one hand since this is just a clash of personalities rather than the girl doing anything malicious I do think there is an extent to which he needs to learn to handle more assertive children. On the other hand if it's making him so unhappy it may be more than he can cope with at the moment. I would want the teacher to perhaps ensure they're not constantly working side by side and on the occasions they do work together perhaps keep an eye and help him to assert himself. Obviously in the long term separating him from more assertive children isn't a solution - but in this case it does sound like he needs more support.

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