Surrey - Esher/Hinchley Wood/Long and Thames Dittons

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KTknowles Fri 02-Nov-18 23:13:17

Hi, we are interested in primaries in this area, we have 2 DC in years 1 and 5. Can you give me any local views please? In particular, since all are Good on Ofsted and have entry to Hinchley Wood secondary

Thames Ditton Juniors - is it true the head is leaving? Really liked him. Bit concerned about secondary school entry though depending on where we would live.

Long Ditton - I have heard they have a new head who is good but not keen on the Church elements tbh.

Hinchley Wood - this would be great as both children in the same school but my friend (ok, same one!) says there is no head and the governors have resigned?

Are there any others I should look at? Would really like help, seems such a big decision.

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